NOTE: This tutorial is outdated and has been replaced by the Debugging Guide.

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  1. i am also facing same issue, when i install the running game from corona build -android to android device,
    then it gives blank screen. but same game is running in simulator very well.
    on corona consol no any error, warning its showing.

    i am using-
    Android-device and
    version of Corona SDK are 2013.2076.

    so, please if you have any idea then share with me…thanks in advance

    • Hi @sangam. The blog post above starting at “Android Devices” tells you how to look at the log file generated by the device where any error messages would be. The Corona console doesn’t show the device errors.

      As a side note, you should update to build 2100, though it’s probably not going to fix the error you are having.


      • Hi,Mr.Rob.
        i updated my Corona SDK with new version 2013.2100. but still i m not able to get any error on simulator output control when run my app and on device it shows still black screen. as you told “probably not going to fix the error” so plz guide me with accurate process to handle that error.

  2. Hey Rob i just installed the .ipa file in i-pad(ios-7). Application installed successfully but when i open that app screen remains black. no console msgs and no exception reported in console log. i am confused i am using the version V2013.2100 which is graphics2.0 compatible. can you please tell me so i can fix the problem and i am a starter so i can not access the daily builds also please help!.

    • There is little I can do with out more information as to what’s going on. I would suggest opening Xcode and then using it’s Organizer (SHIFT-CMD-2) and use it to install the app directly (no need to make a .ipa file, it will install the App Bundle directly. Then you can follow the instructions above on doing this. There should be some information in the “Console” log that indicates what’s going on.

      This sounds like a case where you might have a file name that’s running into case sensitivities problem.


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