Guest Piece: CoronaBlitz, A Semi-Regular Mini Coding Challenge

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Andrew Potozniak is a hobbyist indie developer with a passion for Corona SDK. Andrew first encountered Corona two years ago and was able to achieve his childhood goal of becoming a video game developer with the release of Hexzled. He frequents the Corona IRC room on freenode #corona as Tyraziel and has submitted several tutorials on building for NOOK and Kindle to the Corona forums.

Andrew is the founder of TozSoftware, and is working on his latest title, Locks and Keys, coming soon to iOS.

CoronaBlitzGreetings fellow Coronites and challenge seekers! Allow me to introduce to you a new, semi-regular mini coding challenge called CoronaBlitz.

What is CoronaBlitz?

CoronaBlitz is a coding challenge where you are given a theme and 4 hours to complete a basic game. Yes, that’s right, 4 hours TOTAL to complete a game. You can do this in one sitting OR spread this time throughout the period of the Blitz!

Some of you may be thinking this isn’t enough time to build a game, however you’ll be surprised with what you can accomplish with Corona SDK in a short amount of time. While you may not be able to add in all the polish like menuing systems and a “clean” restart mechanism, you can focus on the meat and potatoes of game development, the actual game itself. So grab an energy beverage of your choice and stretch out your coding fingers!

We’re basing CoronaBlitz on the honor system and there are no “official” prizes. If you spend more than 4 hours on your game, you’re only cheating yourself. So remember, keep a timer and make sure that when the buzzer rings, you stop working on your masterpiece. We may award some “honorary mentions” and surprise prizes for unique entries at the end of the Blitz.

When is the first event?

The first CoronaBlitz will start Friday, August 16 at 12:01am PT and end on August 25 at 11:59pm PT, giving you a full week plus an extra weekend to find time to participate!

How do I sign up?

Please sign up here:

I’ve signed up! What’s next?

We will release the theme for the first CoronaBlitz on August 16 via email, on Twitter and Facebook, and on the CoronaBlitz forum.

By August 25 at 11:59pm PT, please:

  • Put your code up on GitHub.
  • Post your GitHub file to the CoronaBlitz forum, with an explanation of what you made and a bit about your experience participating in the Blitz. You can also talk about what you would do differently next time and anything else you think is relevant/interesting.
  • (Optional): Tweet to @CoronaLabs: I just participated in the #CoronaBlitz! Check out what I made in just 4 hours with #CoronaSDK: (link to GitHub file).

What are the perks?

  • Corona t-shirts for the first 5 people to sign up and participate
  • Corona stickers for the first 20 people that sign up and participate
  • Potential for a guest piece on the Corona blog and an opportunity to showcase your work
  • An opportunity to be amazed by what you can accomplish in a very short amount of time
  • Bragging rights for super impressive work

I have suggestions!

Some of you might be thinking, “Well this is great, but what about (insert suggestion here)?” CoronaBlitz is a work in progress and we plan on improving it over time. We encourage you to offer up suggestions and comments about CoronaBlitz! In fact, we want you to tell us what you think, what you like about the idea, and even what you don’t like about the idea in the comments section below.

We’re looking forward to a great first CoronaBlitz!

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This entry has 6 replies

  1. Joel says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Aidin says:


    I will be attending in another game jam as well but I’ll do my best.

    Wish you could do a Google calendar event so it would handle time differences.

    People like me can use this link to covert date AND time:


  3. Pablo says:


    I would like to know if it’s is only for games made by one person or I can make a team to compete on it ?

    • Andrew says:


      Interesting idea. Originally, I was thinking CoronaBlitz would be solo, however you did give me the idea of having a “multiplayer” CoronaBlitz. I think for the first one at least it will be a solo endeavor.

      What would you think about this for a “multiplayer” CoronaBlitz —

      “This Multiplayer CoronaBlitz you’re given 8 hours to complete a game. If you decide to work in teams the total number of hours your team works can not be more than 8. For example if you have 3 teammates and teammate A worked 1 hour, teammate B worked 2 hours and teammate C worked 5 hours, that would be your total time allotment for the CoronaBlitz. Teammates can work at the same time.”

      Or something like this?

  4. Peter Dwyer says:

    This sounds great but, I suspect that 4 hours is not enough time unless you get to start with pre-existing assets or code snippets. I’ll probably sign up but, I can see it taking up a quarter of the time just getting something passable together for the visuals. Likely longer as time flies when you’re having fun.

    I think the first take away from this blitz will be that 4 hours isn’t long enough!

  5. helios says:

    i dont know how to post my code in GitHub .. i think you have to know how to program Git, right?