Introducing the Corona Hall of Fame

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Those of you peeking around the site may have come across our new Corona Hall of Fame, a collection of some of the very best games and apps from the Corona community. The Hall of Fame includes everything from blockbuster games like Fun Run and Major Magnet to beautiful utility apps such as Climate Clock and Minu Timer.

The Corona Hall of Fame is taking the place of the Corona App Showcase, a section of the site that was showing its age. Unfortunately, as many of you experienced, the showcase had more than its fair share of bugs and general issues – our focus is on Corona SDK after all. As we continue to focus on making Corona SDK the best development tool on the market, we plan to showcase the power of Corona via the Hall of Fame. We encourage you to submit your superstar apps for consideration.

If you have an app that is deserving of the Corona Hall of Fame, please let us know. We are looking for apps that have:

  • reached Top 50 overall in any app market
  • reached Top 25 in any category
  • enjoyed a combined 500,000+ downloads
  • or received recognitions (i.e., featured by Apple as New & Noteworthy) and/or awards

If your app fits the bill, please fill out this Hall of Fame submission form.

At the same time, we’d like to continue giving ALL Corona developers an avenue to highlight their work. We will continue to review an App of the Week each Monday, so please share your apps with us. If you’ve recently launched a Corona-powered app, share it with us by filling out this form.

In the near future, we also plan to add a few extra perks to developers that tell us about their work. Stay tuned for the new program to roll out soon!

If you have any questions, please shoot us an email to or tweet to @CoronaLabs. We look forward to seeing the incredible work of the Corona community.

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This entry has 7 replies

  1. Antheor says:

    It’s a good news since App Showcase has never done its official job “promoting corona apps”.

    At least things are more honest : Corona Hall of Fame is not here to promote apps ( already on top ) but to promote corona sdk.

  2. Cleverson says:

    If my game fulfills the Hall of Fame requirements, I probably don’t need to be promoted. You should think about ways to help developers the get the initial exposure which is extremely hard today and not only share their sucess after they get there.

    • witcher says:

      I dont think that hall of fame is for promotion. It’s for beginers, who will see how cool apps you can make with corona.

  3. anon says:

    Cleverson, do you really want success spoon fed to you? Don’t you think you’ll feel more accomplished and true if you actually work hard for your success? Why bother complaining that corona labs is recognizing those who actually worked hard for their apps to be successful?

    • J. A. Whye says:

      Yeah, work hard. But I’ll also take a lottery win *any* day! Spoon feed me! 😉


  4. Anton says:

    What about our own “store” where we can commit our newly released corona apps, and tell a bit about how we made it and what we think is cool about it in a more programmer to programmer way… it could be categorized after what kind of game it is/is a combination off, so we can go in and see / buy “similar” game to what we are currently sitting with. Or we could go in and see what new stuff other are cooking up with corona…

    Not that our app don’t fulfill the criteria for corona Hall of Fame… It is not so difficult reaching top 25 in a category in one of the smaller App stores. Think people has a somewhat overrated expectation on what such a “success” would bring in cash…

    That said, getting a success in one App store should imply that you have the possibility to hit it big in other App stores as well. And all kind of help is welcome!

  5. Kerem says:

    Just checked it out. Looks good and congratulations to all apps featured there. Amazing achievements.

    One suggestion to the hall of fame admin… Why not make the entries clickable so that we can jump to the app website?