Introducing Corona’s Graphics 2.0 Contest

Graphics 2.0 Demo Contest Winners
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Please note – We’ve extended the submission deadline to Sunday, November 17 at 11:59pm PST. We’ve edited the piece to reflect this change.

gfx2-iconLast week we launched the Public Beta of Corona’s Graphics 2.0 engine, enabling you to produce cinematic-quality graphics in your apps. Since launch we’ve been hinting at an elusive Graphics 2.0 contest and we’re finally ready to announce the details.

We invite you to unleash your creativity: use the functionality of Graphics 2.0 in your app or a demo, and you could win a Corona Enterprise license or an iPad Mini!

Whether you’re creating unique shapes, strokes or images, applying filter effects, or developing never before seen 2.5D effects, we invite you to participate! For inspiration, check out these samples from one of our talented Graphics 2.0 Beta testers.

Awards and prizes

We’re looking for incredible demos of Graphics 2.0 in various app genres – from games to business apps to eBooks.

Category Prize
Most Creative Use in a Game Demo Corona Enterprise license (worth $948) OR iPad Mini (worth $329.00)
Most Creative Use in a Business App (Non-Game) Demo Corona Enterprise license (worth $948) OR iPad Mini (worth $329.00)
Most Creative Use in an eBook Demo Corona Enterprise license (worth $948) OR iPad Mini (worth $329.00)
Best Use of Shader Effects in a Demo iPad Mini (worth $329.00)

How to submit

Email us at and include:

  • A short description of what you have built.
  • A 10 second video (a private YouTube link is fine) showing the effect(s).
  • A sample project that we can run to see the effect(s).
  • Please tell us whether we have your permission to make the source code public (which we encourage!).

Contest guidelines

  • Limit to three (3) entries per person.
  • Any existing or original content made with Corona SDK can be submitted.
  • Demo must use one or more of the new Graphics 2.0 APIs.
  • Please note, by participating in the contest you are authorizing Corona Labs to use your video in marketing materials as needed.
  • Deadline to submit is Sunday, November 17 at 11:59pm PST.

We’ll share the winning entries on the blog so keep an eye out!

This contest is open to Corona SDK Pro and Corona Enterprise users. If you’re currently a Starter subscriber, now’s a great time to upgrade!

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This entry has 7 replies

  1. Neat! Awesome to see corona doing some contests 😀

  2. Jason Mayer says:

    I guess it’s cool, but shouldn’t a contest offering premium services for free be something that the, uh, free users should be able to compete in? It’s not exactly a public beta if it’s only available for existing paying customers.

    • Ed Johnson says:


      Yes, we all love free stuff, I included. I think this is because we’ve been spoiled for too long by all those good free stuffs available online without even thinking about its long-term ramification to society and economy.

      Perhaps you’ve heard of Jaron Lanier, a pioneer of virtual realty and one of 2010 TIME’s 100 most influential people. If you have, I urge you to check out a PBS interview of him at There he talks about ‘free almost everything,’ what’s wrong with the current model of our being addicted to free stuff, and suggests informational payment benefitting all. Worthwhile reading for everyone.

      • Jason Mayer says:

        Ed, I couldn’t agree with your assessment more. I have published a few games and a couple of them were pirated like crazy. I truly understand how the freemium market and how users (who are used to paying nothing) are in many ways making things harder for the average developer. My main beef with this post is the wording.

        You see, words are important to me. Words are how we communicate our intent to one another. I have failed several times now at finishing NaNoWriMo, but for me the point isn’t so much crossing the finish line as it is learning a little bit about writing. When I read something like, “public beta”, I went and shared it all over the place. This was huge news to me as I’m going to be giving a talk about Corona at the local IGDA chapter. Then I went to go download the program and found that it was actually a Members Only beta. Obviously you can see why this is frustrating to me.

  3. Lerg says:

    That’s so cool! I am in.

  4. Pablo Isidro says:

    Thanks for extending the submission!! I was waiting util tomorrow to submit my entry but now I can improove it much more!

  5. Jen Looper says:

    Any news on the results?

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