We’ve had lots of great news recently, from the public beta of our new graphics engine to bringing John Romero on board as an advisor. But we are constantly thinking about how to give Corona developers, especially those just starting in mobile development, as many tools as possible to be successful. With that in mind, we are happy to introduce Corona SDK Basic – a pricing tier that fits between Starter (which is completely free) and Pro.

Corona SDK Basic, like all other tiers, allows you to publish for iOS, Android, Kindle and NOOK (and soon Windows!). Like Starter, it gives you access to most of our monetization plugins, but it also adds the ability to implement in-app purchases (IAP) in your games and apps. This includes Apple and Google’s in-app purchases, as well as access to the plugins for Amazon IAP, Fortumo and Ouya (and any other future IAP-related plugins).

Corona SDK Basic is $192/year ($16/month, billed annually) for a limited time, so be sure to act fast!

For now, Corona SDK Pro remains unchanged and adds access to Daily Builds and Graphics 2.0. Corona Enterprise adds offline builds and the ability to call any native library from within your Corona app, and is available at prices for small businesses and larger companies. You can see all tiers on our pricing page.

As always, we look forward to seeing what our community develops in Corona!

  1. Interesting development. Thanks for the update. Looking at the pricing tiers page I see that Graphics 2.0 is listed only on Pro and upwards plans. Does this mean even after it is out of beta and released it will not be included in the Free and Basic tiers? Will those tiers be limited to Graphics 1.0? Appreciate the clarification.

    • Kerem – the new graphics engine will underlie all tiers. And features that replace old features (e.g., anchor points) will be in all tiers. But some of the new features (e.g., filters) will be for Pro/Enterprise only (at least initially).

  2. Great idea! In-App purchases are important and this tier definitely seems like a great addition. Will there be student/education pricing available for the Basic tier? (Monthly and/or Yearly?)

    • Andy – you’ll definitely be able to buy Basic instead of renewing Pro. But the exact price will be whatever it is at that point in time.

      • Also – just to make sure it is clear: if you do let your Pro subscription expire, then you will not be able to renew at the old $349 price. But you may be completely fine continuing with just Basic.

      • I’m grandfathered into Pro as well – and I’m really pleased by the new Basic tier! Between this, OUYA and now Windows phone support, I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with corona.

    • WideAwake – we could downgrade you to Basic and give you a few extra months to compensate for the extra amount. Just keep in mind that you will lose your ability to upgrade later to Pro at the “old’ price of $349.

      Just email me david AT coronalabs.

  3. Adding support for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 is a huge step in the right direction! I look forward to testing the Windows 8 performance on a desktop PC!

    • Angelo – yes, you can upgrade at any time. We’ll take into account any value left in your existing subscription when you upgrade.

    • Marvin – Daily Builds are not in Basic (only Pro or above).
      You can upgrade to Pro at any time and we’ll take into account the value left in your Basic subscription at that time.

    • Dale – yes, there is definitely a free level (Starter). Anyone that downloads Corona is automatically on Corona SDK Starter and can publish for free.

  4. What happens when the subscription expires? Do I get to keep the last build I had or am I thrown back to the Free version? If it is the second, then basically I would be wasting my subscription as I might only upload an app once or twice a year. Can I switch to A higher level, then fall back or put my subscription on hold? Then revert back higher as required? But then I cannot test the advanced features that I might need while creating my app.

    when does the Windows 8 bit start? would we be able to upload and test to the device? Microsoft did not allow unlocking (for development till you had an app on the app store) and could I develop using my mac or would I need a windows machine with Visual studio?

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