gfx2-iconCorona’s Graphics 2.0 engine is progressing nicely, and we want to express our sincere gratitude to the dozens of Pro and Enterprise beta testers who have used the engine thus far. For those who haven’t yet explored Graphics 2.0, we’d like to remind you of several tutorials which we’ve recently released — see the full list below.

We’d also like to remind everybody about the Graphics 2.0 contest. We’ve extended the deadline for submissions to November 17, 2013, so if you haven’t started on your submission, please read through the tutorials below and put your ideas in motion — we’re excited to see what you come up with!

Graphics 2.0 FAQ

Learn about the Graphics 2.0 engine and basic implementation tips.

Anchor Points

Discover how anchor points work in Graphics 2.0 and how they compare to reference points.

Multi-Pass Shaders

Learn how to implement multi-pass effects on display objects.


Learn about containers — essentially “self-masked display groups” — and how they function.


Discover the power of snapshots and the myriad of possibilities that come with them.

Fills and Strokes

Learn how to apply fills and strokes to display objects, including filter effects and generators.

Blends and Composite Fills

Explore the visual effects that are possible with Photoshop-style blends and composite fills.

2.5D Perspective

Discover the power of the new 2.5D perspective capabilities in Graphics 2.0.

Snapshot Canvas Effects

Explore the possibilities of canvas effects in combination with snapshots.

Repeating Fills

Learn how to apply repeating fills to display objects in Graphics 2.0 and how to shift, rotate, and scale these fills independently of the parent object.

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  1. Have a quick question about graphics 2.0. Without implementing any of the fancy new features, does it generally run things much faster then graphics 1.0 (as in number of objects/sprites/etc being able to display/move on screen at the same time)? Just need to know if it’s worthwhile redoing lots of code in our games to be compatible with 2.0. If there isn’t any noticable speed increase in general then we will just save using 2.0 for future games perhaps.

  2. Sir, Brent Sorrentino

    i am planning to make a game like hill climb racing….so i need too much vector graphics which i need to fill with images by using your repeating fill features (100 hills (1024*512 each)) and 1000s of small rectangle to create perfect stroke of hills. Can corona sdk graphics 2.0 handle without any performance loss………(scrolling hills ,sprite sheets everything like hill climb racing)

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