Graphics 2.0 Demo Contest Winners. And The Winner Is…

Graphics 2.0 Demo Contest Winners
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And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. We are excited to announce the winners of the Graphics 2.0 Demo Contest.

But before we announce their names, we’d like to take a moment to let everyone in the Corona community know how much we appreciate your hard work and dedication to Corona SDK and what it stands for. Thank you for spending countless hours pouring your heart and soul into your apps. It’s your unlimited creativity that motivates us to continually push the limits of cross platform app development.

The release of Graphics 2.0 marked the beginning of a new era of app development using Corona SDK and we are honored that so many of you took the time to dig in and create such amazing demos using the new Graphics 2.0 features.

Here’s a quick look at just a few of the entries that were submitted.

So, without further ado, here are the Graphics 2.0 Demo Contest Winners by category.

  • Most Creative Use in a Game Demo” – Taking the award is Barry Swan’s Retro Racer. Barry’s retro style car racing demo immerses the player in a 3D-like (it’s actually 2.5D) experience complete with blurred trees, hills, passing cars, as well as a start and finish lines.
  • Most Creative Use in a Business App (Non-Game) Demo” – Claiming the award is Corona Ambassador Jen Looper with her Roomalyzr app that allows the user to visually redesign a room by taking a picture and then painting in the room’s desired features.
  • Most Creative Use in an eBook Demo” – Winning the category is Nikola Dimev with his Coloring book app that lets the user fill colors on coloring book pages, just like they would in the physical world by using pencil, crayon, paint brushes, and a palette of beautiful colors.
  • Best Use of Shader Effects in a Demo” – Taking this category is David MacMinn with his photo editor called Meld which allows the user to apply filters to photos, adjust brightness and contrast, erase portions of layers, apply textures and a whole lot more.




As you might imagine, we recieved a lot of great entries and choosing winners was a very difficult task. So, in addition to these category winners, we would like to also highlight a few honorable mentions including:

Congratulations the winners of each category and thank you to everyone who participated. You have submitted some very inspirational demos.

The winners of each category will get their choice of an iPad mini or Corona Enterprise license and all other entrants will get a six months extension on their Corona SDK Pro licenses.

So, thank you all again for submitting such creative pieces and for your continued leadership in the community. You are a part of what makes the Corona community such a great place to be and Corona SDK such a great tool for creating mobile apps.

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Charles McKeever

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  1. develephant says:

    Fantastic stuff! Congratulations to all the winners.

  2. Lerg says:


  3. Joe says:

    Do we get some demo code?

  4. Alex says:

    Very nice demos indeed! Looking forward to see some of them transformed into tutorials.

  5. Mo says:

    FANTASTIC stuff! cannot believe that Corona now can do all these things! On top of that and as bonus, I can see my face on one of the demo:) from Paolo Langato (demo of foggy window and lottery scratching ticket) Thanks Paolo for showing that a lottery scractching ticket app is possible now with graphics 2.0. That maybe my next game?

    Anyway, congrats to ALL the participants. Now I need to study graphics 2.0 in more details. These examples make me want to use graphics 2.0 big time!


  6. Mo says:

    How the heck was the racing demo (road) done? LOVE some tutorials/guests blog posts on ALL the demos in the video. That will be fantastic:)



    • Barry Swan says:

      I didn’t give out the source for this demo but I’m more than happy to talk about how I did it either in the G2 forums or on irc (#corona at – find me there and on twitter as rakoonic).

      • Parcus Ewan says:

        Hi Barry,


        Excellent work.

        I have been trying to figure out how to do something similar in Corona and could not figure it out.

        Can you please contact me or tell me how to reach you for a quick chat.

        Again Congrats.

  7. ingemar says:

    Congrats to all the winners! Amazing work!
    This shows that Corona is starting to evolve into much more than a game development platform.

  8. Atanas says:


    Great apps, congrats to the winners.

    Couldnt find Roomalyzr though – any links?

    • Jen Looper says:

      hi, Atanas, Jen here with the ultrafab Roomalyzr (DESIGN ALL THE THINGS!)

      I just posted a fuller description of this app, which is not live…but could be, if there’s interest! It actually is almost ready for prime-time with two full-fledged API integrations, one to ColourLovers and the other to

      Here’s the link:

      Let me know if you have questions.

  9. Marc says:

    Really would like to see how the Coloring app was done. I know that this could be done in previous version fo Corona but what they did looks very nice and looks like it isn’t bogging down the device.

  10. Is Ivan Juarez’s “Dice Roller” demo opensource? I think that it’s just absolutely incredible. If it’s not already open source or for sale, it should be. Would be a great little API to add to any game or app that requires the use of dice.

  11. Mike says:

    Are these examples available for download?

  12. Ingemar says:

    If anybody’s interested in the “waving flag” demo in the middle of the video, you can download the source from github:

  13. Jen Looper says:

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