Today we are releasing a new public release of Corona SDK: 2014.2381!

There are a number of new features and fixes in this public release. A great one to note: Composer GUI (in beta) is now available to all users of Corona SDK, including Starter and Basic! Check out the docs and a walk-through.

Also, this build addresses Google Play’s coming deadline around using their advertising ID. Our Admob plugin will work with this release just fine.

Make sure you review the release notes for this public release. They have info on what’s new, important notes and known issues.


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  1. sooo cooool!
    man just in time, thank you soo much…
    I am so curious to include the new admob v2!

    now I just hope that not too much of my old code will be screwed up :)


      • That’s a real shame. Was really looking forward to this version just because of this. Fine if its not in starter but I think Pro is too high for such a basic functionality of an SDK. You’ve been very generous with other features for free and for basic so why not for particles? $49/month isn’t reasonable just to have access to particles for a hobby developer like me which I thought the basic plan was aimed for. I can’t jump to Pro, basic gives me no extra value so I guess I’ll just stick with starter which doesn’t seem like anyone benefits from at this point :(

        Please reconsider this choice and I’ll happily upgrade to Basic.

        • Hey Benny,

          Too be honest, I don’t think particle emitters should be that hard to program yourself – there’s probably even some Lua code floating around the web for this.

          • Which is why I don’t understand why this of all features is excluded from users of lower business model tiers when everything else is included.

  2. Just updated. Our entire onCollision postCollision and preCollision events are screwed.. seemes like either masking bits or self.element in our multibody character is not working right. Didn’t see anything mentioned in the release notes about that?

    • Albert Yale says:

      If you provide me with a code snippet (or file a bug with a minimalistic sample) that replicates your problem, I’ll look into it immediately.

    • I agree, I have some simple collisions in my game and most of the time the onCollision code is not being triggered. Didn’t have this issue in the earlier public build. :( It’s a new app so I can’t release it due to this issue. I’ll try to post something on the forum later on. I have the Basic account.

    • Arthur,
      If you post something in the forum giving us more info about what you are seeing, we can see if this is a bug/regression, or if something else is going on.

      And of course, you can also go back to a previous daily build in the very short term.

  3. Hmm, appears box2d was updated or something going on. Noticing some collision issues with smaller shapes not taking on physics properties. I’ll have to physics objects, but seems like one just ‘forgets’ about the other as doesn’t seem to show up in debug or have any physics properties.

    Just an initial pass on this version, but that’s what i’m seeing and it appears others seem to have that going on to.


  4. Hey, I upgraded to this version, and the facebook.showDialog call on my landscape app uses a portrait webview. So the facebook share dialog is very narrow (and assumed to be tall – off the screen). Any thoughts?

  5. Thank you for the update!
    Is Liquid Fun working in Demo Mode or not at all? I would like to know if what I had in mind is actually working before I go Pro.
    At the moment, it appears as it doesn’t work, even the Sample files produce Runtime Errors (except that one with the shapes).

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