Guest Post: How Corona SDK changed my life…

We’ve heard many users tell us about how Corona SDK changed their life. However, in Chris Martone’s case, Corona not only changed his life, but also enabled him to change other people’s lives through his Apps for Change project to help children in Africa bring their stories to life on the mobile platform. Be sure to donate […]

Corona SDK promo by inneractive for March 2012

Seems like our buddies at inneractive really love Corona developers — so much so that they have decided to do yet another special Corona promo for the third month straight! For the month of March, inneractive will be offering a “Disco Pack” for app discovery. The Disco Pack will utilize inneractive’s premium in-app inventory for banners, promoting your app […]

Guest Post: Enter the Ninja Pig!

If you’ve been to a #CoronaMeetup here in the San Francisco Bay Area, chances are you’ve met Jordan Schuetz (he’s the tall kid!). Jordan has been very successful in the mobile apps dojo through his own company Ninja Pig Studios — and he hasn’t even finished high school. The downside? Jordan’s parents say he’s gonna have […]

Universal Pictures takes Corona SDK to Hollywood again for ‘The Lorax’ mobile app

A few months ago, Corona SDK was welcomed into Hollywood when the official app for the movie Dolphin Tale was created with Corona. Now, Universal Pictures is set to release their 3D animated adaptation of The Lorax tomorrow in theaters worldwide — and its accompanying Truffula Shuffula mobile game is a Corona SDK app made by the Blockdot agency! Blockdot […]