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Today, the InstantAction platform — home of the Torque 2D, Torque 3D, Torque X, and iTorque 2D  toolkits — announced they will be shutting down. The fate of the Torque line is not yet certain. We know the feeling of anxiety that often comes with seeing your favorite toolkit change hands. Furthermore, not knowing even […]

Upcoming Corona Webinar: Listeners and Functions

We thought we’d give you a little more advanced notice this time about an upcoming Corona webinar. Picking up from his previous webinar, Carlos will be talking about Corona functions and how to structurally code your apps. Also on the agenda are Event Listeners, one of the core functionalities of Corona, plus object level events […]

Guest Post: Steffen ItterheimAuthor, Indie Game Developer, and Lua Advocate

Steffen Itterheim is no stranger to development. He is a former software engineer/manager at Germany’s Electronic Arts division and author of the book Learn iPhone and iPad Cocos2D Game Development. Though he is proficient in a multitude of languages, Steffen says his favorite mobile programming script is Lua. For more specific details, we have given him […]