New for iPhone: Pandabella by mostwanted studio

Pandabella, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, will give away a FREE HUMAN SIZE PANDA Soft toy for the top player ending 24:00:00, 31st December. In the beautiful winter of Pandaland, the sky snowed white magic bells every day. A panda baby named “BAOBAO” dreamed of flying to the moon by stepping on the […]

New for iPad: Clax HD by

Clax HD, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, brings all of the addictive color matching greatness and sweet clacking action of the original, but in a classy new package. A fresh experience rewritten from the ground up, specifically for the iPad, with loads of new features and improvements. Including gorgeous new 3d and 2d […]

New for iPhone: An Ultimate Coins Game by Flavio Passa (VLS)

An Ultimate Coins Game, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, includes more than 80 levels to test your ability with coins. More than 10 different currencies from around the world: US Dollar, Argentinean Peso, Australian Dollar, Brazilian Real, Canadian Dollar, Chilean Peso, French Euro, Honk Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, Taiwan Dollar  and South African Randa. Special features: High Quality graphics Easy and natural interface Shake […]

New for iPhone: Karma Jar by Dan Greaney

Karma Jar, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, lets you drop pebbles into a jar: white pebbles for “good” thoughts, black pebbles for “bad” thoughts. Intended to increase mindfulness. Over time, it is hoped that the proportion of white stones may increase. Eventually, one might even realize enlightenment and no longer drop any stones at […]

New for iPad: Astral Arcade by Werd Interactive Inc

Astral Arcade, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, is an exciting new multiplayer experience inspired by arcade pinball. As your mind becomes entranced by an onslaught of colors and music, make sure to keep your reflexes sharp because the flashing lights are not just for show. Astral Arcade’s reflex driven turn-based gameplay will keep […]

New for iPad: EJRAAK HD by Kigra Software

EJRAAK HD, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, is your one-stop shop for entertaining your kids! If your kids are anything like mine, “Daddy I wanna play games on your phone” is a frequent request. Start EJRAAK and let them take a spin. They’ll be able to choose from six different activities without leaving […]