Corona SDK Meetup next week at Ansca HQ!

The last couple months saw Carlos and Walter hopping all around the country to Corona meetups in New York, Florida, and Texas. Despite their tireless schedules, the meetup bug has hit Team Ansca again — but we wanna keep this next one a little closer to home. ūüėČ ¬†So, next week, we’ll be having a […]

Implementing Facebook Single Sign-On

Those who read the previously published tutorial on uploading photos to Facebook are already familiar with the Facebook single sign-on functionality that’s now available in Corona. But for those who missed the previous tutorial, and for the sake of having one-stop resource for helping you get single sign-on to play nicely with your app, we’ve […]

Guest Post: Corona means business!

Last month, our very own Walter took a trip to New York to attend a couple Corona meetups in the Empire State. Walter’s stop in Rochester, NY was orchestrated by Corona user extraordinaire Scott Singer. Longtime readers of our blog might remember one of Scott’s creations ‚ÄĒthe golf tutorial app Golf Fix – as being […]