Corona Guidelines: iPhone 5 and iOS6 (Preliminary)

The iPhone 5 is looking like it will be the fastest-selling gadget of all time. So let’s talk about what you need to do to prepare your Corona apps for the iPhone 5 and iOS6.

One of the biggies we’ll cover is what you’ll need to do to make your Corona app handle the new 16:9 aspect ratio, or what we’re calling “tall apps” (as opposed to the shorter “traditional apps” designed for the iPhone 3 and iPhone 4).


Friday Night Forum: The iPhone 5 Wish List

At midnight, millions of eager fans (including Corona Labs!) visited Apple’s online store, for a chance to pre-order the iPhone 5. The pre-orders sold out within an hour, 20 times faster than past models. With a projected 6-10 million device sales in September alone, the iPhone love affair is far from over – but did the new device meet expectations?


Introducing the Corona Labs Survey Panel

Do you have an opinion on important issues such as Android fragmentation, HTML5, or the new iOS 6? Share your thoughts, and become eligible to win lots of great prizes as a member of the Corona Labs Survey Panel.

As the mobile space quickly evolves, we’d like to hear your insight on current trends and hot topics. If selected to the panel, we’ll send you an occasional short survey on various topics, to learn your thoughts and opinions. As a panelist, you’ll also play a role in helping mold Corona products as well as provide feedback on upcoming features.


Apple vs Amazon

September has been an exciting month in mobile, or more generally, connected devices. Last week, Amazon announced two new Kindle Fires and is trying to move into iPad-sized tablets. In spite of the controversy over ads displayed on the lock screen, it’s a very compelling price point.

Perhaps most interesting is how Amazon views Android. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says “it’s a base operating system layer”, like Linux but with a lot of customization. In other words, they’re not in the game of making Android devices; they’re making Kindles.


Corona Geek Hangout – Episode 4 – Memory Management, Corona Project Manager, and Corona ...

This week we discuss the release notes from previous Corona SDK builds, answer some more newbie questions, talk about the proper way to free up memory when working with objects, take a look at the Corona Project Manager as a time saving development tool, share some device news, and close with a discussion on using JSON in the Corona SDK API.


Friday Night Forum: HTML5 vs. Native Development

The HTML5 vs. native debate rages on, with Facebook recently abandoning HTML5 in favor of platform-specific development. Both Quora and Pinterest followed, while Instagram and Foursquare developed their apps natively the first time around. The new natively developed Facebook app is twice as fast as the previous version.