Corona SDK in Inc. Magazine!

Coming off the (prosthetics) tail-end of the Dolphin Tale app release earlier this week, we have now landed in the esteemed pages of Inc. magazine. I’ve included the money quote (both, figuratively and literally) below, and you can click the screenshot under it to read the full piece chronicling the Corona community’s history of going […]

Interview: Corona SDK goes big-time in Hollywood

Earlier this week, Hollywood mega-agency Trailer Park released Dolphin Tale: Fling a Fish for iOS and Android. The mobile game was commissioned for the Warner Bros. film Dolphin Tale, starring names you’d never expect to see on this blog like Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd. 😉 Below, Trailer Park’s VP of Mobile Evan Geerlings talks […]

How to spawn objects — the right way!

I have seen a lot of posts on the forums regarding spawning of objects/display images. Some of you are having problems and others missing some key aspects regarding spawning. This is going to be a little tutorial that explains how to spawn objects properly and allow you to manage each individually spawned object.

Win a year of free Corona SDK with just one tweet…

A few months back, we tried out an off-the-whim Twitter campaign to become nominated for VentureWire‘s FASTech50 list of most innovative companies. Well, turns out it actually worked! We had so many retweets of the nomination tweet that Ansca Mobile is now on the shortlist for the “FASTech Fan Favorite.” So, we thought it was now time to up […]

Warner Bros. bring ‘Dolphin Tale’ to the mobile platform with Corona SDK

You’ve probably seen commercials over the past several weeks for the upcoming film Dolphin Tale from Warner Bros. Pictures. It star big names like Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, and Harry Connick Jr. — a big Hollywood spectacle, right? But a couple months back, Dolphin Tale producers Alcon Entertainment decided they wanted to take it to the […]

Friday Night Forum: Hooray for events!

These past couple weeks have been crazy, what with the first-ever #CoronaHackathon last weekend and the first-ever Corona meetup in Chicago last night. We’re always thrilled to get out of our cave every once in a while and see the faces of people who inspire us to keep on making Corona SDK the best mobile […]