Design the cover art for upcoming Corona SDK book!

As we’ve already mentioned, 2011 has been one heckuva year for Corona SDK. Among the explosion of apps, meetups, and plug-ins we’ve seen from the Corona Community this past year, we’ve also caught word of multiple books on Corona coming soon — and one of those books needs some ‘input’ from you, our users! Our dear friend […]

App of the Week (December 26, 2011): Stay Alive

The holidays are traditionally a time to lounge around, unwind, and finally take a break from the end-of-year hustle and bustle. Of course, you’re gonna eventually need a jump-start to rocket you back into your usual breakneck life — right? If so, then our latest App of the Week will help you do just that. Strap in […]

Season’s greetings (and leakings?)

Team Corona, What a year! We began with a Corona developer making the #1 free iOS app and we are ending it with the entire Corona community producing absolutely the best apps on the planet. But what’s even more amazing is that people are building careers, pursuing their dreams, and just making it happen with […]

Using App URL Schemes in iOS

Have you ever wondered how apps get launched from other apps, whether it’s a link you touched in Mobile Safari, or a button you pressed in another app? Well today, I’m going to show you how to do exactly that with one of the new features that recently came out in the Daily Builds. The […]

Uploading Photos to Facebook in Corona

Those who have been keeping a close eye on our Daily Build logs may have noticed a very nice “holiday surprise” we let out a bit early this year. As you probably already know, I’m talking about (the nearly-famous) build 2011.707—which is available to subscribers only at the moment via Daily Builds. For those who […]

Ad revenue: Size does matter

Our new buddies at inneractive just posted a new infographic drawing a direct link between screen sizes of mobile devices and click-thru rates (CTR’s) for mobile ads. The big takeaway from this is TABLETS! Check out the infographic below, and subsequent analysis at TechCrunch and GigaOm.   Thanks to inneractive for creating this masterpiece. Great work, […]