Guest Post: Burning the midnight oil with Corona SDK

Niels Vanspauwen is one of three co-founders of the mobile game studio Kidimedia, whose self-titled children’s app is fast becoming popular in the App Store. Below, Niels describes how the full-time duties of being dads made the Kidimedia team desire a quick and efficient means of developing apps without sacrificing an ounce of performance or […]

Recap: Barnes & Noble workshop for Corona SDK

The Barnes & Noble boardroom was quite the happening place a couple days ago! Barnes & Noble put on a NOOK Color app development workshop aimed specifically at Corona SDK developers… …Naturally, we were invited to help answer questions about what’s coming in the (very) near future from us for the NOOK, and how we’re working […]

Coming out of stealth mode

Exactly 2 years ago, we came out of stealth mode and launched Corona at the HOW Design Conference. Still hard to believe it was only two years. Feels like it’s been a lot longer than that. When we told our VC-to-be that we were going to launch at a real bonafide conference, he declared that we […]

Understanding Lua tables in Corona SDK

In Corona, you use the Lua programming language to do everything. Thus, it’s equally as important to understand Lua as it is to understand the individual Corona-specific concepts and API’s, such as the Event Model we went over last week. One common source of confusion comes with one of Lua’s most powerful features: Tables.

App of the Week (June 19, 2011): Pong Beats

In recent years, it seems like the gaming industry has helped save the music industry. Games like Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, and the Rock Band series have engaged users in a familiar sense of rhythm-based melodic gameplay that also caters to their own natural inclination to music. And now, our latest App of the Week […]