App of the Week (February 27, 2011): Float

We’ve noticed a lot of the most popular mobile games are based off simple childhood activities. From marbles, to board games, and even story books — the games that catch on best seem to have a Toy Story-esque appeal to kids that grown-ups wouldn’t mind indulging in either. (c’mon, you know you’ve watched Toy Story […]

Start Up Camp this weekend, to kick off GDC!

Remember Start Up Camp from a couple weeks back? Well, we’re doing it again this weekend in San Francisco, to kick off the Game Developers Conference next week! The concept is simple:   Show up at Start Up Camp on Friday night with your best game-oriented startup idea, and form a team with other like-minded campers. […]

App of the Week (February 20, 2011): ROBOT 99

Remember waaay back when “family time” centered around a radio? The hub of the household was the radio, as families gathered round to listen to their favorite broadcast. Nowadays, critics say that our increasingly “plugged in” world of personal tech has vanquished any hopes of communal family bonding. Well, that’s not the case if you […]