Remembering Steve

Dear Universe, I remember when it all started, moving that turtle around on the screen in elementary school. I remember programming Basic on an Apple ][. I remember seeing Toy Story. I remember my Dad giving me an iPod for Christmas. I remember sitting in the audience listening to Steve give a eulogy for Mac […]

Thoughts on Flash

Three years ago. That’s right. Three years ago, nobody knew who the heck we were. I would tell people I had started a company and it was a mobile software company, and nobody had a clue as to what I was working on, let alone understand the market the way Walter and I did. We […]

Daily Builds Update (626-631)

Last week, I covered Local Notifications, which is an awesome new feature that recently came through the Corona Daily Builds (available to subscribers only). Today, I’m going to show you how to handle notifications when your app is not currently in the foreground (a question that came up in the comments section of last week’s […]

App of the Month (September 2011): Critter Quitter

Not taking anything away from immaculately created non-gaming apps like Canyon Country or NapKeeper, but the decision for this month’s App of the Month was actually pretty easy. One game stood out for its excellent graphics and seamless animation combined with a simple-yet-fun (dare I say thrilling?) premise and gameplay. I’m talking about Critter Quitter! Critter […]

Most Innovative Startup!

Imagine our surprise when we received the news. Walter and I went into automatic Google mode,  to see if anybody was pulling a prank on us. I am known to pull some elaborate pranks, so it wouldn’t surprise me if one of my friends would pull a prank of this magnitude. (yes, it’s happened before) […]

Tutorial: Modular Classes in Corona

With the previously published tutorial on External Modules raking in a whopping 54 comments (and counting!), I decided it’s time to write a follow-up that goes a little more in-depth with Lua’s new recommended approach to external modules, and also cover another handy concept that I know you’ll find extremely useful. One of the best […]

Tutorial: Masters of the (Lua) Universe

This tutorial is written by Jayant Varma of OZ Apps and is cross-posted from OZ’s Teach Me How To… blog. If you have a tutorial you’d like us to cross-post, let me know and we’ll get that ball rolling. Lua, a simple scripting language can be inspiring as it did for me. The best part […]


In case you missed it earlier today on Twitter and Facebook, here’s a (not so) subtle hint at what’s coming next in Corona SDK…   See?  This is why you need to follow us on Twitter! 😉