Corona SDK meetup tonight at Ansca HQ!

Besides new Corona SDK updates, we know the thing you guys like most from us are meetups! So, we’re having one again at our humble abode in Palo Alto tonight. There’s no set program, but I bet we’ll be talking lots about the new Corona LaunchPad and recent (and future?) feature updates, in general. Also, this is […]

Tutorial: Basic JSON Usage

This week, I’m going to cover a web technology that has been dubbed “the fat-free alternative to XML” — JSON. While XML is great, there are a few problems with it… Because XML tags on the same level can have the same name, accessing XML data from Corona can get to be really confusing if you […]

App of the Week (August 1, 2011): Bloo Kid

Corona SDK developers seem to be on a retro binge lately. And hey, if the games of yesteryear have lasted this long in your collective conscience, they must have done something right! Plus, as an 80’s baby myself, I don’t mind retro games one bit. 😉 This week’s App of the Week is no different […]

Friday Night Forum: What are you looking for?

In anticipation of our heavily hinted launch this coming Tuesday, we wanna gauge where you (our users) currently stand in your app-making endeavors. Generally speaking, we’ve noticed three trends: Some of you are still fine-tuning your coding skills. Others are looking for ways to market your apps and boost your download numbers. (“app discovery” is […]

How to use XML files in Corona

There are countless reasons why you might want to use XML files in your project, including (but not limited to): Storing level data (to be handled by other functions in your project). Saved user information (or game state) for later loading. Storing app settings for later loading. Using XML files as a simple information database […]

Guest Post: Corona SDK = A family vacation?

A few weeks ago, Gibibyte Games released their first mobile game, Color Confusion, after building it with Corona SDK.  The game currently is available on the Android Market (free version too!), Amazon Appstore, and most recently was chosen by Barnes & Noble for their NOOK Color tablet. Not bad for a first try! 😀 The Gibibyte […]

20 million strong!

It took us a couple days to double-check our tally, but we can now confirm that apps made with Corona SDK have topped 20 million downloads for the year! Just in case you need a refresher, this comes on the heels of Blast Monkeys becoming the #1 free game in Google’s official Android Market with over 4 […]

Welcome to our interns!

As Carlos mentioned yesterday, we added a new staff member to our growing team, and today, it gives me pleasure to announce two additions that will help us over the summer via our internship program. Please welcome Scott Takahashi and Abie Katz!