App of the Week: The Stolen Stars

The “choose your own adventure” genre has been a longtime favorite of children everywhere since the late 1970’s. This week’s App of the Week, The Stolen Stars, is the perfect transition to the digital medium, allowing readers to interact with the story and play a hand in the plot.


Guest Post: Developing eBooks with Kwik 2

Greg Pugh is the owner of GP Animations, the company behind the Colin Turtle book series. His books, “The Perfect Pillow” and “Floating Fun” have sold thousands of copies worldwide for the iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire. Recently, Greg was an alpha tester for Kwik 2, a Photoshop plugin that allows designers and illustrators to bring stories to life without a single line of code.

To celebrate the upcoming release of Kwik 2, Kwiksher is hosting an August promotion. If you’re working on an extraordinary story, want to be highlighted in the Kwik 2 PR launch, and are interested in an interview with Kwiksher and Corona Labs, enter the contest!


Guest Post: Securing 1st Place at Code Day with Corona SDK

Kathryn Brusewitz and Brandon Ramirez used Corona SDK to secure first place at Code Day, a weekend-long hackathon put on by Student Research and Development (StudentRND). The organization is a nonprofit that provides a space for college and high school students to learn, innovate and create new technology.

Creating their mobile game “Slide” in just 24 hours, the duo received special praise from the judges for presenting the most complete app of the bunch.


FAQ Wednesday: Display Object Listeners

It’s Wednesday and time for another FAQ session. Here are five frequency asked questions (FAQ). Today we are going talk about passing display objects to listeners and accessing the CoronaSDK documentation off-line.


Reacting to Low Memory Warnings

Whenever your app is taking too much memory, the OS will first issue what’s called a “low memory warning” to give you a chance to do something—such as free up memory—before your app is forced to quit. If your app is forced to quit, from your user’s perspective, your app will have crashed and quit (possibly causing a great deal of frustration).

In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how to respond to these low memory warnings, and recommend things you might do to prevent crashes from occurring (and possibly even preventing low memory warnings altogether).

NOTE: Low memory warnings are currently unreliable on the Android platform, so this tutorial will focus mostly on iOS, though the preventative measures will apply to all platforms.


App of the Week: Lingo Slingo

I’m a firm believer that the best way to learn a foreign language is by incorporating as many senses as possible. This week’s App of the Week, Lingo Slingo, relies on touch, sound, and vision to help people of all ages master vocab words in six languages.