App of the Week (August 7, 2011): Dabble

Last week, I said I was on a retro binge with games like Bloo Kid and ChocoRun. This week, I think the word games have pulled me back! I know, I know… We’ve already had a word game featured here as our App of the Month, but that shouldn’t automatically disqualify all future word games […]

Recap: Corona SDK Meetup (August 4, 2011)

To kick off the weekend, Corona enthusiasts (SDK and/or beer) packed Ansca HQ in Silicon Valley for another mighty fun meetup!   Much of the night could not have been made possible without PapayaMobile, who graciously provided pizza and assorted libations for our beloved meetup brethren. Thanks guys!   The meetup itself was relatively unscripted in […]

Corona SDK meetup tonight at Ansca HQ!

Besides new Corona SDK updates, we know the thing you guys like most from us are meetups! So, we’re having one again at our humble abode in Palo Alto tonight. There’s no set program, but I bet we’ll be talking lots about the new Corona LaunchPad and recent (and future?) feature updates, in general. Also, this is […]

Tutorial: Basic JSON Usage

This week, I’m going to cover a web technology that has been dubbed “the fat-free alternative to XML” — JSON. While XML is great, there are a few problems with it… Because XML tags on the same level can have the same name, accessing XML data from Corona can get to be really confusing if you […]

App of the Week (August 1, 2011): Bloo Kid

Corona SDK developers seem to be on a retro binge lately. And hey, if the games of yesteryear have lasted this long in your collective conscience, they must have done something right! Plus, as an 80’s baby myself, I don’t mind retro games one bit. 😉 This week’s App of the Week is no different […]