And the free Corona goes to…

  A month ago, we told you about our I ♥ Corona promo where you simply upload a video tagged with “IHeartCorona” to be entered for a free year of Corona SDK PRO. Well, not only did Lance Ulmer heed our call, but he also created something useful for everyone in the Corona community — it’s a […]

Tutorial: Scopes for Functions

This tutorial is written by Jayant Varma of OZ Apps and is cross-posted from OZ’s Teach Me How To… blog. If you have a tutorial you’d like us to cross-post, let me know and we’ll get that ball rolling. It is the most frequently asked question, this is due to the fact that a lot […]

Guest Post: कोरोना खुशी है! (Corona is a joy!)

Across the pond (actually, a couple ponds!) in India, the team at TinyTapps have used Corona to kickstart their own studio specializing in educational and children’s apps. Actually, they might not be just for children — personally, their Hindi-teaching app really makes me wanna take another shot at learning the language… Again. Now, head Tapper […]

Corona SDK in Inc. Magazine!

Coming off the (prosthetics) tail-end of the Dolphin Tale app release earlier this week, we have now landed in the esteemed pages of Inc. magazine. I’ve included the money quote (both, figuratively and literally) below, and you can click the screenshot under it to read the full piece chronicling the Corona community’s history of going […]

Interview: Corona SDK goes big-time in Hollywood

Earlier this week, Hollywood mega-agency Trailer Park released Dolphin Tale: Fling a Fish for iOS and Android. The mobile game was commissioned for the Warner Bros. film Dolphin Tale, starring names you’d never expect to see on this blog like Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd. 😉 Below, Trailer Park’s VP of Mobile Evan Geerlings talks […]