Corona SDK Hackathon Details

With this weekend’s first-ever Corona SDK hackathon coming up quick, we’ve decided to start a forum thread with running updates on how stuff is gonna go down. Click the screenshot below and check back often to see how we’ll be handling things like real-time updates, live-streaming, and how virtual attendees initially will “meet up.” We […]

Getting Creative with Web Popups

On the surface, you’d think the only use-case for a web popup within an app would be to display an embedded website without your user having to leave your app. While that’s true, with a little creativity there are plenty of other things web popups could be used for. If not, that’s fine too. In […]

Here today, gone tomorrow

We still have several months to go, but one thing is certain: we’ll remember 2011 as the year that major mobile platforms started going extinct. Six months ago, Nokia’s CEO announced that their entire Symbian software stack was a burning platform. RIP Symbian. Just last week, HP discontinued the Touchpad. The fate of WebOS is […]

App of the Week (August 21, 2011): The Patriots

It’s one thing to rehash an old classic, but it takes some true ingenuity to wrap it in a completely different motif and make it a totally new experience. Something entirely new that game players can become immersed in, like they do with most great games. Even though this game would’ve been even greater and […]

Friday Night Forum: So… Who’s next?

This past week saw a lot of crazy changes in the mobile development arena. From “Googorola” to WebOS, we were reminded just how on-the-ball one must be to stay alive in this space. New developments are always happening, and new mobile platforms are always emerging and fading. So, in the spirit of tapping into the […]

‘Dabble’ now available on iPad

Last week, we named Dabble as our App of the Week and told you about its incredible backstory. Now, in the spirit of my previously coined term “board games 2.0,” (remember that with ROBOT 99?) Dabble has been released on iPad, allowing for the same type of coffee table fun as its board game counterpart. As […]