Every Corona SDK tutorial EVER!

Like I mentioned in the post directly under this one, we get a lot of people asking for various types of Corona SDK tutorials. Most of the time, the tutorial they’re looking for has already been made, but they just happened to miss it. So then, we have to go looking for it after trying […]

You (our users) make Corona 'Noteworthy,' not us!

We don’t have any shortage of comments and testimonials from you guys singing the praises of Corona SDK.  But you know what?  It should be you that’s getting the praise!  Without high-quality apps to illustrate Corona’s capabilities, we would be nowhere. Of course, we seem to have no shortage of highly skilled developers on our […]

App of the Month (February 2011): Blast Monkeys

February may be “the short month,” but we saw no shortage of awesome apps submitted to our showcase during its glorious 28 days. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve selected Blast Monkeys as the February App of the Month! Not to take anything away from the other app submissions, but Blast Monkeys had the best combination of […]

App of the Week (February 27, 2011): Float

We’ve noticed a lot of the most popular mobile games are based off simple childhood activities. From marbles, to board games, and even story books — the games that catch on best seem to have a Toy Story-esque appeal to kids that grown-ups wouldn’t mind indulging in either. (c’mon, you know you’ve watched Toy Story […]