Marketing your apps on a shoe-string budget

We all know that mobile apps tend to go nowhere unless you put in a little marketing muscle behind them… But we also all know that marketing muscle traditionally means lots of money, which a lot of indie developers and small game studios don’t have. Nevertheless, the guys at Crawl Space Games have it allllll figured […]

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Today, Apple introduced its Lion operating system and with it a bunch of new features. It also announced that over 25 million iPads have been sold since its launch last April, and other Mac-related numbers like the volume of apps downloaded from the App Store and music served — it’s simply staggering! But enough about Apple and […]

App of the Month (May 2011): Notebook Ninja

Last month’s App of the Week winners presented us with quite a diverse array of apps and games made with Corona SDK. We had a pocket phrase translator for travelers to use while abroad, a couple of highly addictive games, and even a helper tool for classic car aficionados. Though it is difficult (as always!) […]

Wüt! Discount codes for Corona SDK plug-ins

Garet McKinley has released a brand new toy for Corona called MultiRezer. And, since 500 of you have already downloaded it, Garet decided to go crazy and release a plethora of discount codes for MultiRezer, TexturePacker, and a bunch of other Corona plug-ins! (Particle Candy, PhysicsEditor…) Click the screenshot below to see the full list of tools […]

Plug-in: Drag-and-Drop Corona SDK Level Editor

In between writing chapters of their Corona SDK book (yes, really!), the duo at Karnak Games just released their draw-and-drop Corona SVG Level Builder! Corona SVG Level Builder lets you create physics-based games, platform levels, and maps for your Corona games by simply drawing them in Inkscape, a free and open source vector-drawing program. Everything […]