Corona SDK: New public release

Just a quick note that we’ve released 2012.840 as our new public release! There are a ton of features and bug fixes in this release. We’re now in an excellent position to simultaneously accelerate feature delivery and maintain high quality daily builds.

Starting next week, we will begin our first feature cycle as I discussed recently, as part of our 2-on-2 development. This means we’ll be making a push between alternating on features and then bug fixes. At the end of each cycle, the goal is to have a solid release for you to use to publish to all the popular app stores — iOS App Store, Google Play, Nook Store, and the Amazon App Store.


The Corona Celebration: Win a Corona Enterprise or Levels License, Premium Support & More!

Thanks to everyone who’s already entered our Corona Labs Celebration Sweepstakes and supported our new Facebook page! The contest isn’t even halfway over and we still have a bunch of terrific prizes to announce. Remember, you only have to enter once and “Like” our new Corona Labs Facebook page – it’s that easy. The sooner you enter, the more chances you’ll win an awesome prize, so don’t lag! 🙂


Guided Tour of Corona’s API Reference

This week’s tutorial is going to be a little different. Rather than go over yet another awesome Corona feature, I’ll instead be walking you through another aspect of Corona development that’s arguably just as important (if not more important) than any one specific feature of the SDK. What you’ll be learning about today is something you’ll undoubtedly use in every single Corona project you work on, and that is of course is the Corona SDK API Reference.


State of Corona

Yesterday was about making our nickname official and about our new web site.

Now it’s time to talk shop. What’s going on in Corona-land?

Read on for info on the next public release, our new docs, and monetization and extensibility in Corona.


Ad Network vs. Ad Mediation/Exchange: A Breakdown!

Mobile app monetization is a tremendous space that is growing daily and is expected to reach tens of billions of dollars in coming years. If you are an app developer looking to monetize, it makes sense to go with the most robust and comprehensive solution available. An app monetization exchange, such as inneractive, offers more options, reaching consumers with relevant ads and optimizing for the most relevant content.


Introducing Corona Labs!

Team Corona,

Starting today, we are calling ourselves Corona Labs. For some of you the cat’s already been out of the bag. For some of you, this is the first time you’re hearing it, so let me answer a few questions…