The Amazon/Kindle Fire Opportunity

Okay, this time we mean it! Starting with tonight’s daily build, PRO subscribers will be able to build for the Amazon Appstore/Kindle Fire. (In case you missed the excitement, we blogged a little early due to a communication snafu yesterday. What happened? In a nutshell, there’s been a flu going around and half the team […]

Lighting the Amazon Kindle Fire…

Team, Starting with tonight’s daily build, PRO subscribers will be able to build for the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. Yes, we heard you — and even though we are still testing Kindle Fire builds from Corona, we feel confident enough to enable the option to build for it starting tonight.(!!!) I want to emphasize two […]

App of the Week (November 13, 2011): Pirate Island

Remember several months ago when I mentioned the eternal internet battle of Pirates vs. Ninjas? (ignore the subsequent comment crapstorm it ignited)  Well, back then, it seemed like the ninjas had a leg up on their swashbuckling rivals. But with our latest App of the Week, it looks like pirates have struck back. Set your […]

Free Spriteloq Flash converter for Corona SDK!

In case you missed yesterday’s tutorial for Flash developers, we’re making it a little easier for former Flash faithful to switch to Corona SDK. Now, you can get a free copy of the Spriteloq Flash-to-Corona converter if you buy a subscription to Corona SDK PRO. All what you gotta do is send an e-mail to spriteloqpromo[at]anscamobile[dot]com after […]

Tutorial: Resurrect your Flash games

Alright, so we really don’t have to explain the relevance of this post to recent events that have occurred. Matthew Pringle is creator of the Corona Remote accelerometer plug-in for Corona Simulator. He also used to be a Flash developer before making the leap to Corona, and will now show you how you can easily […]

Recap: Flash Coders NY meetup on Corona SDK

Last week, our very own Walter visited the Empire State! While there, he took part in two meetups: One in Rochester, NY and another in New York City with the Flash Coders NY (FCNY) group. Below, you can see a full video of Walter in the lion’s den, giving his presentation of Corona SDK while being grilled […]