Win a year of free Corona SDK with just one tweet…

A few months back, we tried out an off-the-whim Twitter campaign to become nominated for VentureWire‘s FASTech50 list of most innovative companies. Well, turns out it actually worked! We had so many retweets of the nomination tweet that Ansca Mobile is now on the shortlist for the “FASTech Fan Favorite.” So, we thought it was now time to up […]

Friday Night Forum: Hooray for events!

These past couple weeks have been crazy, what with the first-ever #CoronaHackathon last weekend and the first-ever Corona meetup in Chicago last night. We’re always thrilled to get out of our cave every once in a while and see the faces of people who inspire us to keep on making Corona SDK the best mobile […]

Guest Post: How to Succeed in all the App Stores

A couple months ago, Niels Vanspauwen told you about how he and a couple other part-time developers (and full-time dads) launched a full-fledged app studio called Kidimedia with a little help from your trust CoronaSDK. Now, Niels is back to share some of his insight and secrets to shaking the most change out of your apps. […]

A Better Approach to External Modules

Not so long ago, I posted a tutorial about how to program Corona apps more modularly, to make organizing and maintaining your code a much easier task. Today, I’m going to tackle modular coding from a slightly different approach, and suggest a new technique that might actually help improve performance and squash memory-leak bugs you […]

App of the Month (August 2011): Dabble

This month saw an exceptional lot of apps being picked as our App of the Week. From the exceptionally beautiful graphics of Magic Defenders and The Patriots to the brain-massaging appeal of MixZle and Dabble. With such a diverse array of games, it’s extremely hard to pick one out to put above the rest. Ultimately, […]

Time for ANOTHER Corona SDK meetup!

In the last month, we’ve had #CoronaHackathon and another huge meetup at Ansca HQ. Naturally, a lot of you were quick to let us know about how you wished there were more Corona SDK events near you, outside of our Silicon Valley backyard. Well, your wishes have now been answered! Next week, Corona legends Crawl Space Games […]