App of the Week: Snow Hill

Can your savvy detective skills help you solve the mystery of Snow Hill? This week’s App boasts a rare mix of graphical excellence, a unique storyline and interesting music and sounds by the talented R.M de Boer Software.


Guest Post: From concept to finish. The importance of the pitch.

In today’s indy dev scene, there are so many tools that help us create games. Software Dev Kits like Corona make it not only easy, but inexpensive to produce high quality games for mobile. When we see that we have all kinds of access to this kind of tech, it’s really easy to jump right in and get lost in the possibilities. We tinker, toy with and make stuff. Oftentimes, we get lost in that part of it. We play with tutorials and stumble upon neat things. Next thing you know, you have this mechanism to assemble puzzle blocks or the basis for a paralaxing background. What you’ve created is “game-like” for sure, but is it something you can release to the public and call a finished game?


Announcing Corona Enterprise!

We are very excited to officially announce Corona Enterprise – a new product that builds on the core Corona SDK engine and adds the ability to call any native library.

We are even more excited about the great game studios that are using Corona Enterprise and have already published apps with it: flaregames and Mobicle. Read on!


Storyboard: Scene Purging vs. Removal

One of the most confusing aspects of Corona’s storyboard API is the purging and/or removal of scenes. What’s the difference between purging and removing? What does it mean to “purge” a scene anyway? Those are just a few of the many questions we receive often.

Today, I’m going to attempt to clear up the confusion by first giving you a high-level overview of what’s going on behind-the-scenes when purging and removal goes on, and also show you a few examples along the way.


Corona: WebViews on Android!

Time for another Monday update!

Last week, I talked about all the difficulties around Mountain Lion, the code name for Mac OS 10.8. Thanks to all your reports out in the wild, we’ve ironed out the a bunch of problems. The latest daily builds (868 and after) are now solidly working on 10.8.

In the midst of all this Mountain Lion stuff, we’ve also begun the feature cycle.


Guest Post: Five Lessons from Smarter Apps

Hi! I’m James from Smarter Apps Inc. We’ve recently released a game for iOS called Little Generals that was built with Corona and I thought I’d share just a couple of the lessons I learned while mucking about and making stuff blow up.