App of the Week: Brain Lab ll

The average IQ in the U.S. hovers at around 100 – find out yours and boost your score with the Corona App of the Week, Brain Lab II! Developed by madhead studio, Brain Lab II gives both hemispheres a workout with fun puzzles and challenging exercises.


Tutorial: Using System Events to Save App State

Something that’s becoming increasingly popular is the ability to “pick up where you left off” or stop and resume with hardly any friction. More and more, apps are starting off exactly how you left them—and that doesn’t exclude mobile apps (in fact, mobile is arguably what inspired this behavior).

Having your apps start off where your user left them is also known as “state saving”, and that’s exactly what I’m going to cover in this tutorial. As with any tutorial that’s posted here, I encourage you to take what you learn and build upon or modify the code to suit the specific needs of your app.


Best Practices for Organizing Projects

Something that isn’t clear by studying Corona’s included SampleCode or any of the other examples and tutorials on this website is the concept of organizing projects. We’ve sort of just let you know that everything goes into your project folder and sent you off on your way—and oh, sub-folders are supported. That’s about all we’ve said on the subject up until now.

However, as your projects get bigger, that may not be quite enough. With more and more resources are being added to your project, such as audio files, images, videos, Lua modules, etc. it can add a whole new layer of complexity to the development process—complexity that isn’t at all necessary.

This tutorial is by no means the end-all to Corona SDK project organization techniques, but it will introduce you to an effective one that you can tweak at your heart’s content to suit your needs perfectly.


Corona and SupaSounds Promotion

Crafting unique sounds and interesting music for your apps is no small feat. Sounds are a hugely important component of a great app, and we’re partnering with SupaSounds to make the music and sound selection process a little easier.


Join us for lunch!

As Corona keeps on growing, we want to make sure we keep our fingers on the pulse of the Corona community and the exceptional apps our developers are creating. We also love getting very direct and honest feedback on Corona – and the best feedback comes from the developers who are banging away at the platform day after day.

To accomplish this, we’re excited to announce the Corona Developer Lunch! On a few days each month (usually Thursdays) we’ll invite 1-2 developers/studios to our office for lunch and a session of feedback on their apps/games and our platform.