Guest Post: Corona SDK “fulfills a dream”

During the early days of Ansca Mobile, our slogan was “Dream. Build. Ship.” to describe the ease of use that Corona SDK offered in making mobile apps. Since then, we’ve evolved and have moved past mere slogans. But after seeing Kiki’s Koi-Koi (a pass-and-play card game) creator Chris Yudichak‘s guest post below, we’re now wondering […]

Guest Post: Corona SDK works ‘Magic’

Portugal-based Manuel and Ricardo may call their two-man studio Clueless Ideas, but something tells me these guys have a very good idea of how to make a quality game. Their first mobile endeavor — Magic Defenders — is our latest App of the Week. Read about their search for “the best SDK” below, and also keep […]

MOAR!!! (Mother Of All Recaps) #CoronaHackathon

Okay, so you saw the live recap of our hackathon this past Saturday, and then you also saw yesterday’s recap of the winners. But there’s sooo much MOAR!!!!! Below, you’ll find a few blogs kept by other #CoronaHackathon attendees. We couldn’t possibly have caught every single nuance of the day’s events in our posts, so it’s nice […]

App of the Week (August 28, 2011): Magic Defenders

So, you think this week’s App of the Week would showcase a winner from this past weekend’s #CoronaHackathon, right? Unfortunately, no. Technically speaking, none of those apps have been built to the App Store or Android Market (yet!) — but I’ll still talk about them in a future blogpost. 😉 This week, you need to […]

The #CoronaHackathon liveblog!

We’re a few hours deep into today’s Corona SDK Hackathon here, in the heart of San Francisco. You can follow the details as they unfold in real-time over on the #CoronaHackathon hashtag, or catch some of the visual highlights below, as I add them. Also, if you’re hacking away virtually, feel free to send me […]

I Heart Corona SDK

Howdy all! We’re super excited about the imminent Corona Hackathon — and so apparently are you guys! A bunch of you have actually flown into town to participate! Some of you have reached out to help us with video streaming for the participants from all over the world. From all this outpouring of enthusiasm, we thought there […]

New additions to the Ansca team

It is with great pleasure to announce that we have two new additions to the Ansca team! They are Danny Glover (a.k.a. @InfusedDreams) and Jayant Varma (a.k.a. @OZApps). Both have been avid Corona users and have contributed greatly in our forums, as I’m sure many of you have had the pleasure of seeing before. Danny […]

Corona SDK Hackathon Details

With this weekend’s first-ever Corona SDK hackathon coming up quick, we’ve decided to start a forum thread with running updates on how stuff is gonna go down. Click the screenshot below and check back often to see how we’ll be handling things like real-time updates, live-streaming, and how virtual attendees initially will “meet up.” We […]