Guest Post: Monkeybin Studio

Monkeybin was started in Oslo, Norway, in 2010 after Kim Ruben Vatnehagen and I met while working as independent contractors on a big software project. We formed the company with the objective of developing and publishing games for mobile devices and consoles. At first we decided to continue doing sporadic contractor work to make ends meet, but we spent as much time as we could learning what the mobile games world looked like and how it behaved.


Guest Post: Bringing Music to Mobile with Corona

I am a 15 year old student who loves music and spends his free time developing with Corona.

There is nothing like downloading a new iPhone app. However, gazing into a screen and tapping it a few times is not enough for everyone. With Corona, not only can one use accelerometer and gyroscope functions, but you can also access an endless pool of APIs.


How to Use Custom Events in Corona

A little over a year ago (in June of 2011), I went over the Corona Event Model, and explained exactly what events are in Corona, when they occur, and how you can “hook” into them to take advantage of some of Corona’s best features.

However, in the previous article, I kept the subject-matter focused on the built-in events associated with specific API’s that are provided out-of-the-box in Corona. What I didn’t mention is that you can define your own custom events, and have objects listen for when those events are dispatched (which you have complete control over as well).

This tutorial will walk you through defining and dispatching custom events, so you can begin applying the knowledge to your own games and apps.


Apple Adds 32 New Territories To The App Store

Apple developers can now sell their apps in 32 New Territories. Overall the list seems to cover some pretty remote locations. So we’ve linked to country statistics for each of the new territories. If you’d like to suggest additional resources, add your suggestions in the comments below.


New Site and Improved Communication

By now most of you have heard about our new name, our celebration sweepstakes and may have had a chance to explore our new website. Those of you that haven’t, please check it out – we think you’ll find it to be a valuable resource. We’re also excited because there are a lot of under-the-covers benefits for us and we’ll be able to add/edit content more quickly and effectively.

More importantly, the new site is just the first step towards our goal of increasing and improving communication with our community. With this goal in mind, we’ll be working on a bunch of new initiatives in the next few weeks/months. I wanted to give you all a quick taste of just a few of these.


Welcome Roberto Ierusalimschy, co-creator of Lua

I’m extremely pleased to welcome Roberto Ierusalimschy to the Corona Labs family. As many of you know, Roberto is the principal architect of Lua. It powers all the great Corona apps out there and is the industry-standard for gaming.

I first met Roberto at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC SF) in 2010. For all his contributions, it’s amazing how humble he is. Earlier this year, he was invited as a visiting professor at Stanford University. I remember he mentioned how impressed he was with the research he was seeing at Stanford, almost implying that his own work paled in comparison. That’s the point at which I jokingly reminded him that he and his colleagues are the reason GDC exists — if there’s one way to embarrass Roberto, it’s giving over-the-top praise!

It’s hard to overstate how many lives have been touched by the work of Roberto and his colleagues. Lua is used in a vast range of applications from embedded devices to smartphones to desktop computers. If you think about how many people have played Rovio’s Angry Birds, how many hours have been spent on World of Warcraft, how many photos that have been processed by Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, the total number is mind boggling — I’d wager more than the number of users on Facebook!

Roberto has certainly made his dent in the universe. As we journey to make our mark, we couldn’t ask for better counsel!


The Corona Celebration: Win a Corona Enterprise or Levels License, Premium Support & More!

Thanks to everyone who’s already entered our Corona Labs Celebration Sweepstakes and supported our new Facebook page! The contest isn’t even halfway over and we still have a bunch of terrific prizes to announce. Remember, you only have to enter once and “Like” our new Corona Labs Facebook page – it’s that easy. The sooner you enter, the more chances you’ll win an awesome prize, so don’t lag! 🙂