Launch date confirmed and other tidbits

Phew! And that’s just for starters. We have had one hell of a crazy development cycle, and we have achieved quite a few internal milestones and feature implementations that will make our Corona SDK that much more enjoyable to use (especially for Android development!). As you all know from my previous blogpost, we got derailed […]

App of the Week (July 10, 2011): Tiny Tanks

One of the first toys that young kids play with is army men… Well, either that, or G.I. Joe… Or maybe the game Battleship? The point is that military-themed games have traditionally been somewhat of a playtime mainstay in modern culture. Seems like we just can’t get enough of a well-made war game. And Tiny Tanks […]

App of the Month (June 2011): Word Ball

Even though the heatwave that blasted through the SF Bay Area at the end of last month made us crave for anything water-related, we ended up going with the semi-educational game for the June App of the Month. Yes, I’m talking about Word Ball! Word Ball combines the fast-paced unpredictability of a reaction ball agility drill […]

New Windows Simulator Features

As of Daily Build 521, the Windows Simulator has been fitted with an iPhone, iPhone4, and iPad skins (as well as a statusbar) to improve the overall desktop “simulation” of your mobile apps. Remember, only subscribers can take advantage of the latest and greatest being pushed through the Corona SDK Daily Builds… So what are […]

Doritos Uses Corona SDK to Build First Mobile Game

Wanna know something cool? Legendary chip-makers Doritos have just released their first-ever mobile game called Dip Desperado. Wanna know something even cooler? They used Corona SDK to make it! The game is part of Doritos’s overall “Dip Desperado” advertising campaign, which features Mexico’s (fictional!) chip-flicking champion, Esteban Ortega. Created by ACNE Production and Digital Jigaw, Desperado sees […]

Wanna demo your app at this week’s Hacker Dojo?

Earlier today, the Corona SDK Hacker Dojo scheduled for this Thursday in the San Francisco Bay Area officially sold out! Now, for those of you attending, we have another treat for you — the chance to demo your app in front of your fellow Hacker Dojo brethren! It’s actually a tech demo, meaning that you’ll be […]

‘Blast Monkeys’ hits #1 in Android Market!

It was bound to happen again! A few short months after a Corona-made game topped the free chart in the App Store, another one has done the same in the Android Market. Yes, the ridiculously fun Blast Monkeys just beat out heavyweights like Angry Birds and Words with Friends to take the #1 spot in the Android […]

App of the Week (July 3, 2011): Chickens Quest

Great gameplay is simply timeless. Whether it’s Tetris puzzles, Pong, or even a Myst-style adventure, there are certain games that have appeal in any incarnation. Our latest App of the Week borrows from the Lemmings tradition of gameplay. Embark on the Chickens Quest! In Chickens Quest, you are tasked with guiding a small flock of […]