Friday Night Forum: Fire it up!

Amazon’s upcoming Kindle Fire has been forecasted to sell over 5 million units when it’s formally released later this year. The ante-upped Kindle Fire is a 7-inch Android-based “stripped down” tablet (no camera, WiFi-only) that, at $199, will cost almost half as much as Apple’s seemingly incomparable iPad. Those 5 million Q4 preorders already would put the Kindle […]

Guest Post: How Flash runs on Corona SDK

After the fallout to Carlos’ post about Flash a couple weeks ago, we followed it up with a guest post attesting to Flash’s mobile shortcomings. But now, indie developer Elliot Pace  has shown us that Corona and your preexisting Flash skills can be used together to create awesome mobile games. No need to choose one or […]

Recap: CTIA Enterprise & Apps 2011 in San Diego

Here we are, coming to you live from CTIA’s Enterprise & Applications 2011 conference at the San Diego Convention Center! Before I proceed, I must apologize to any of you reading this from cold weather climates, as it’s warm and ridiculously sunny outside. 😀 Anyway, Samsung invited us to be part of their technology showcase here, at […]

Guest Post: We put the brakes on Flash

Alright, alright — so  Carlos’ post about Flash last week seems to have ruffled a few feathers (as was his intention! :-P). So, now allow me to point you to Exhibit B. Gianluca Pinoci is a former Flash fanatic. A few months ago, his agency BOOM Interactive was commissioned by British auto brake maestros Ferodo to […]

The Corona Indie Bundle now on sale!

Today, we’re über-stoked to announce the Corona Indie Bundle — five hall of fame Corona SDK games that are now available in one 99¢ package. Spurred by the idea of the Humble Indie Bundle for PC games, Brock Henderson of Chicago-based Crawl Space Games first brought the idea our attention. So, after some e-mails, four more top-notch Corona developers […]

App of the Week (October 9, 2011): Thai Cooks

A couple times a week here at Ansca offices, we order out for lunch. While our staff likes a wide variety of dishes (Mexican, Italian, sushi, etc.), King Walter usually has the final say on the day’s food choice based on his favorite — and it’s always Thai. Now, Walter can just make his own lunch at […]