Has Corona SDK changed your life?

Since we started making Corona, we’ve been quite humbled by comments from you guys about how “OMG! Corona has changed my LIFE!!!” and what-not. Heck, we’ve seen some cases ourselves where people using Corona have been able to quit their day jobs and even start their own game studios because of Corona’s easy and efficient […]

Sample code: Air Hockey

Check this out! It’s a two-player iPad air hockey sample code that some of you might have missed in our Corona Code Exchange… …Also, we now will be posting all of our new sample code on GitHub, so be sure to follow us (or “watch” us, or whatever the proper terminology is) over at GitHub.com/Ansca.

App of the Week (May 15, 2011): Off the Hook

Summer is here and, for many of you, that means you might spend a little less time with your app development and more time with your fishing pole. But if your fishing excursions end up anything like the iPhone game Off the Hook (our latest App of the Week) you might not be very successful […]

Technology for non-technologists

Mashable discusses a trend that we’ve been seeing since we started Corona, citing the mobile development experience of Robert Nay, author of the #1 iOS app Bubble Ball: He’s a pioneering user of the next generation of platform dependencies — innovations upon which further innovations can be built. Eventually, you won’t need to have any […]

Got a chart-topper? Don’t forget to tell us!

Back when we first started, new Corona-made apps created by the Corona Community were an office-stopping affair. Everything would grind to a halt as we “ooh’ed” and “ahh’ed” over the latest app that one of our users had created using our SDK. This would happen pretty much every time a new app was submitted using […]

More Flash treats…

Yesterday, introduced our new sub-forum for Flash developers. Now, we’ve put together an index of side-by-side code comparisons demonstrating just how easy it is for Flash devs to cross over to Corona SDK! Case in point:

New Flash/ActionScript sub-forum

Corona has always had a reputation of working especially well for Flash developers and ActionScript aficionados. So much so that we have a little mini-culture brewing in the Corona Community of just Flash/ActionScript people talking to us about their particular inquiries and what-not. So, we decided to give all of you Flash/ActionScript folk your very […]

App of the Week (May 8, 2011): Notebook Ninja

In the deepest trench of the interwebs, therein lies the eternal question: Ninjas or Pirates? For many years, net denizens have contemplated this ever so perturbing conundrum. Well, our latest App of the Week might help solve that  — it’s an iPhone game called Notebook Ninja! We’ve had many posts on here about game design and […]

Corona SDK apps in NOOK top 10 list

A couple weeks back, we told you about how Corona SDK now will let you develop apps for the NOOK Color. Now, The site Nook App Review has compiled a list of the top-selling apps for the NOOK Color‘s first month — and two Corona-made apps are in the top 10! 5.) Float by Crawl Space […]

Introducing Kwik: A Photoshop plug-in for Corona SDK

Lately, we’ve been telling you about using Corona SDK for eBooks, especially iPad comics. Since a lot of comic book artists use Photoshop to create their masterpieces, it only makes sense that we continue allowing them to work comfortably. Thus, comes the third-party tool Kwik, created by Kwiksher for Corona SDK. Kwik allows Photoshop users to add […]