Corona SDK apps in NOOK top 10 list

A couple weeks back, we told you about how Corona SDK now will let you develop apps for the NOOK Color. Now, The site Nook App Review has compiled a list of the top-selling apps for the NOOK Color‘s first month — and two Corona-made apps are in the top 10! 5.) Float by Crawl Space […]

Introducing Kwik: A Photoshop plug-in for Corona SDK

Lately, we’ve been telling you about using Corona SDK for eBooks, especially iPad comics. Since a lot of comic book artists use Photoshop to create their masterpieces, it only makes sense that we continue allowing them to work comfortably. Thus, comes the third-party tool Kwik, created by Kwiksher for Corona SDK. Kwik allows Photoshop users to add […]

Tutorial: Apple Validation with Corona SDK

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve built and submitted the greatest app of all time, only to have the App Store reject it? What a BUZZKILL! Luckily, in our latest update of Corona, we’ve now equipped your friendly neighborhood SDK with the power to test your build against Apple’s validation requirements. This way, you’ll […]

Compositing Fun with Additive Blends!

I’m happy to announce that we’ve added additive blend support to Corona. It’s available starting in Corona daily build #497. What’s additive blends? It’s a cool way to get glow effects. It’s also known as “Linear Dodge” for the Photoshop buffs among you. In the rest of this post, I’ll break it down into its […]

Wanna join Team Corona?

We’ve always listened to your guys’ suggestions for improving Corona and navigating the greater world of mobile development. But now we’re giving you the chance to literally scream in our ear. If you’re in the Bay Area, you could join us this summer as an intern here, at Ansca Mobile! Now, don’t let the word […]