The JSON library now comes pre-installed

The JSON library that we’ve been shipping in our sample code (e.g. Facebook) is now an official part of the Corona core. The really great thing about this library is that it makes serializing/deserializing Lua tables a no-brainer. [cc lang=”lua”] local json = require “json” — Lua script: local t = { [“name1”] = “value1”, […]

system.getTimer() now in HD

Or rather, now available in high resolution. system.getTimer() used to only give you time up to 1 milliseconds. But starting in daily build 547, can give you accuracy up to 0.001 milliseconds. This can come in handy if you’re trying to profile where time is getting spent in your Lua code. We’re pretty confident this […]

Preview: Corona UI “Widgets”

Since the initial open-source release of Corona UI, we’ve been plugging away behind the scenes to provide you with an even better solution. Here’s a small glimpse of what you can expect… UI Button: Segmented Control: Slider: TableView: Picker Wheel: With the open source version of Corona UI that was previously released, you were given […]

So… What are you doing on July 7?

Never ones to shy away from app developer events, our Ansca co-founders will be out and about next week, eager to meet and mingle with developers like yourself! First up is the Hacker’s Dojo in Mountain View, California on July 7. Specifically, this session of the Dojo is dubbed “Cross Platform development with Corona SDK,” and […]

Lua is more popular than JavaScript

“More and more, Lua is proving itself a great language for mobile development, and Corona SDK has been a key ingredient in this movement.” — Roberto Ierusalimschy, creator of the Lua Language. In TIOBE’s June 2011 rankings, Lua is now the 10th most popular programming language, leaping ahead of JavaScript: TIOBE credits Lua’s growing popularity […]

Guest Post: Burning the midnight oil with Corona SDK

Niels Vanspauwen is one of three co-founders of the mobile game studio Kidimedia, whose self-titled children’s app is fast becoming popular in the App Store. Below, Niels describes how the full-time duties of being dads made the Kidimedia team desire a quick and efficient means of developing apps without sacrificing an ounce of performance or […]