Wüt! Discount codes for Corona SDK plug-ins

Garet McKinley has released a brand new toy for Corona called MultiRezer. And, since 500 of you have already downloaded it, Garet decided to go crazy and release a plethora of discount codes for MultiRezer, TexturePacker, and a bunch of other Corona plug-ins! (Particle Candy, PhysicsEditor…) Click the screenshot below to see the full list of tools […]

Plug-in: Drag-and-Drop Corona SDK Level Editor

In between writing chapters of their Corona SDK book (yes, really!), the duo at Karnak Games just released their draw-and-drop Corona SVG Level Builder! Corona SVG Level Builder lets you create physics-based games, platform levels, and maps for your Corona games by simply drawing them in Inkscape, a free and open source vector-drawing program. Everything […]

App of the Week (May 29, 2011): Rare Parts

Corona developers and gearheads (auto enthusiasts) have more in common than you might think: Both spend hours fine-tuning their crafts, both have endless internet outlets to advise and compare notes about their projects, and both are always on the lookout for that perfect part (or that perfect feature, for devs!) that will perfectly round out their […]

App of the Week (May 22, 2011): Blast Site

If Angry Birds is any indication, mobile gamers love to destroy things! Yes, give ’em the most elaborate structure you can make with crates and beams, and they’ll knock it down with a couple swift touch-screen swipes. This week’s App of the Week will continue to let you stick to your guns bombs — behold Blast Site! […]

Corona SDK college course

Given their surely promising future, app development and game design are now being taught at universities and even high schools around the world. And, if you’re in the St. Louis, Missouri area, you can now get first-hand instruction from a bona fide pro! Professional game designer Stu Gisburne is teaching the “Game Development for iPhone, […]