Yobonja! have something on 'Tap'…

Previous App of the Week winners Yobonja! (exclamation point included) just submitted their latest title to the App Store, the upcoming Tap Party 2. The game was simultaneously created for iOS and Android, which Yobonja attributed to Corona’s fast content scaling ability across multiple platforms. Since we’ve been seeing a lot of questions about precisely […]

Make a game in 90 minutes: 'Balloon Burst'

We’ve featured CSU East Bay professor Dr. Rafael Hernandez‘s tutorials on here before (and he’s also on the Corona SDK tutorial motherload), but I just had to give his latest tutorials their own spotlight on the blog today! Below are three 30-minute tutorials by Dr. Hernandez showing you how to make a carnival balloon-shooting game that he’s […]

App of the Week (March 27, 2011): Stack On Me

Balance seems to be a running theme around here. We here at Ansca Mobile have to balance engineering the Corona SDK with helping out in the forums and throwing cool parties.  You guys (our users) have to balance time in graphic design, programming, and publicizing your apps.  And once upon a time, I had dreams […]

Guest Post: A crucial non-gaming Corona SDK app

Community Sidekick (our latest App of the Week) is different from most apps that we’ve seen in that it’s not a fun, addictive game or an entertaining novelty app. Rather, it’s a potentially life-saving app (in case you’re keeping count: that’s the fourth time we’ve said that this week) designed to allow people with special […]

Recap: First-ever Corona SDK Developers Kitchen

Last night, we had our first-ever Corona SDK Developers Kitchen at Ansca Mobile HQ here, in Silicon Valley. Dozens of Corona enthusiasts descended upon our offices to talk Corona with us and each other. Of course, it wasn’t all partying. Some developers came to give sneak peeks at top secret (well, not anymore!) projects that […]