Compositing Fun with Additive Blends!

I’m happy to announce that we’ve added additive blend support to Corona. It’s available starting in Corona daily build #497. What’s additive blends? It’s a cool way to get glow effects. It’s also known as “Linear Dodge” for the Photoshop buffs among you. In the rest of this post, I’ll break it down into its […]

Wanna join Team Corona?

We’ve always listened to your guys’ suggestions for improving Corona and navigating the greater world of mobile development. But now we’re giving you the chance to literally scream in our ear. If you’re in the Bay Area, you could join us this summer as an intern here, at Ansca Mobile! Now, don’t let the word […]

App of the Week (April 24, 2011): Lost Circus

One of the main challenges with mobile games is retention. It’s no easy task to create a game with longevity, one that can hold a user’s interest without becoming mundane or repetitive. With that, our latest App of the Week is Forgotten Places: The Lost Circus, which will stay on your iPad for quite some time! […]

Developers, Developers, Developers

Okay, no Steve Ballmer imitation videos yet… but I was stupefied by last week’s Wall Street Journal article claiming the mobile talent pool is shallow: The intense competition for mobile engineers, which affects large companies and fast-growing start-ups alike, is emerging as a key bottleneck as companies scramble to capitalize on the fast growth of […]

Don’t forget the code!

Recently, we’ve seen a lot of comments on blogposts asking how to do [insert elaborate mobile app development function here] in Corona SDK. The result is usually an extensive back-and-forth between them and Team Ansca, often involving a head-spinning amount of code being cut-and-pasted into the comments section. Bleh! So, we just thought we’d let some […]