Corona Comics Tutorial: Coloring your artwork

Missed seeing these things, didn’t ya? 😉 Based on the incoming blog comments to our previous Corona Comics tutorials, Dwayne Ferguson of DieHard Studio will now show you how to easily yet effectively color in your comic book art as you go about making your iPad comic. In case you’ve missed any of his past […]

Sowing the 'Garden of Orbs'

Our latest App of the Week is Garden of Orbs — a very elaborately illustrated and constructed game (with 100 levels) that probably won’t be leaving your iDevice anytime soon. Now, creators Deric Daugherty and Don Foster of Furious Apps describe how Corona SDK reinvigorated their desire to make mobile games, and how it works […]

Pathological sleep disorder on iOS

Soon after the rollout of our new audio engine, a few of our users reported some performance problems. We believe we have fixed this performance problem, but the problem itself was actually a rather bizarre bug that seems to be an Apple performance problem. So, I thought it might make for an interesting blog post.

App of the Week (February 6, 2011): Garden of Orbs

Remember marbles? Okay, then what about billiards? Both games are timeless and have kept scores of children and adults alike thoroughly entertained for generations. Our latest App of the Week, Garden of Orbs, just might do that too! Garden of Orbs combines the classic fun of hitting spherical objects together and the beautiful, almost Feng […]

Corona SDK turns you into a FAST programmer!

Our latest App of the Week was Blast Monkeys, which we loved for its goofiness as well as its well-designed gameplay. Now, Angelo Yazar of creators Yobonja! (exclamation point included) describes just how quickly they were able to make Blast Monkeys — and how they even had a little inspiration from a couple other Corona […]

Carlos Icaza: Mobile Mentor

Carlos has been invited by the MadridTech group tonight in San Francisco to speak to a group of Madrid-based tech companies about entrepreneurship and facilitating a #1 iPhone app through his mobile company (yes, this one). The Madrid companies will be extra lucky tonight because Mike Rowehl from This is Mobility also will be on hand to […]

Recap: Beebe Games make 'War' at Start Up Camp

This past weekend, Ansca Mobile was a sponsor of the Bay Area Start Up Camp, organized by startup incubators Semantic Seed. This particular event had an extra emphasis on mobile startups, so you know we couldn’t miss out! 😉 The event kicked off on Friday, with Ansca co-founder Carlos Icaza being asked to talk about […]