Tutorial: Inputting Text on Windows Phone 8

Porting an existing Corona SDK app to Windows Phone 8 is generally easy, but adding some features requires that you to venture into native development. In this tutorial, we explore Windows development and methods for implementing native text input.

Corona Geek #129 – Game Design Basics and Using Transition Library

During last week’s Hangout we wrapped up our series on using Composer Library with a look at creating custom Composer Library transitions. This week we started a new series on game mechanics with a focus on breaking down the various elements and mechanics of an existing endless runner game. We also spent time discussing the Transition Library and how it can be used to add motion to your apps.

Corona Geek Composer Library Series Highlights

Recently on Corona Geek, we hosted a series of discussions on Composer that focused on how it is used to manage display objects, manage memory, pass data between scenes and create custom transitions. Here’s a summary of what we covered complete with video clips to help you jump into the parts of the conversation that interest you most.

Tutorial: Using Coroutines in Corona

Coroutines, one of Lua’s key features, are quite powerful and give you the ability to start and stop blocks of code as needed. From advanced timer manipulation to creating state machines, coroutines give you greater control over when parts of your code execute. This tutorial touches on just a few of their many uses, in particular those which play to Corona’s own strengths.

Corona Geek #128 – Creating Custom Composer Library Transitions

During last week’s Hangout we took a break from our Composer Library series to talk with Corona Ambassador, Jason Schroeder about his Progress Ring module and his Color Picker module. During this week’s Hangout we wrapped up our Composer Library discussion with a look at creating custom Composer Library transitions and we revisited tips for unloading modules with adding sprites into Composer scenes.