Hangout Highlights – Using Keyboard and Mouse For Desktop Game Development

Last week on Corona Geek Hangout 163, we began a brand new game development series focused on creating desktop games using keyboard, mouse, and eventually game controller inputs. We discussed the various similarities and differences between mouse and keyboard inputs and how to remap inputs to create a unified user experience. Here are clips from the Hangout.

Corona Geek #164 – Desktop Game Project Configuration Decisions

On today’s Corona Geek Hangout we continued with our new game development series focusing on desktop game development using both keyboard and game controller inputs. We discussed desktop vs. mobile project configuration, aspect ratios, and screen redrawing. Download the demo code to see these desktop game concepts in action.

Corona Store: Data and Language Cabinets, Page Curl Effects

We have a few exciting new plugins available on the Corona Store: Games by Candlelight provides persistent data and translation libraries, and Xibalba Studios brings us a fancy page curling effect. Please visit the store to activate plugins, or to submit a plugin yourself. 1. GBC Data Cabinet By Games by Candlelight The GBCDataCabinet plugin […]

Hangout Highlights – Rapid Level Design Using A Visual Editor

Last week on Corona Geek Hangout 162, we wrapped up our “Monsters Need Coins”, game development series with a look at how to create a self-contained visual editor to quickly design game levels. Ed Maurina walked us through the editor’s user interface, showed us how to go from an 8×8 grid to a working game level in less than a minute, and walked us through the roughly 1000 lines of code used to create the editor. Here are clips from the Hangout.