Corona Geek #148 – Creating Motorized Wheeled Carts Using Pivot Joints

On today’s Corona Geek Hangout we learned how to build a motorized wheeled cart using Corona’s built-in physics engine and pivot joints. We explored why you should consider adding display objects to a group and how torque affects different parts of a wheeled physics simulation. We also explored ideas for using a wheeled cart in a game. Download the source code from today’s discussion.

Corona Geek #147 – Creating A Rag Doll Character Using Pivot Joints and Physics Bodies

Last Monday we started a series on working with Corona’s built-in physics engine. We took a look at the Physics API documentation and we discussed the concepts behind constructing a rag doll from primitive shapes. This week we continued the physics conversation with a look at the code used to create the rag doll example and tips on how to organize project code. We even discussed how a simple dress up, or object placement game could be constructed, using the sampler code as a reference.