Corona Geek #162 – Creating a Visual Game Editor

On today’s Corona Geek Hangout we wrapped up our “Monsters Need Coins”, game development series with a look at how to create a self-contained visual editor to quickly design game levels. Ed Maurina walked us through the editor’s user interface, showed us how to go from an 8×8 grid to a working game level in less than a minute, and walked us through the roughly 1000 lines of code used to create the editor. Download the full source code for the game and the visual game editor to see who everything works.

Corona-built “HoPiKo” hits the ground running

Last week, Laser Dog Games released the highly-anticipated speed-run platformer HoPiKo. Immediately, HoPiKo achieved the coveted #1 spot in the “Best New Games” category and an “Editors’ Choice” award from Apple’s U.S. App Store. Read further to learn about this addictive Corona-built game.

Corona Geek #161 – Crystal, iOS 9 Ad Blocker, Developer Interview

On today’s Corona Geek Hangout we talked with Dean Murphy, developer of Crystal, a popular iOS 9 ad blocker. Dean talked about why he decided to create an ad blocker and what kind of response he has seen from consumers. We also discussed ad blocking from the perspective of the consumers, advertisers, and content creators. Dean shared some interesting stats and insights into why consumers are deciding to block ads and what Crystal is doing to give consumers more control.