Corona Geek #138 – Hanging with DigiTen Studios and App Development Consulting Tips – Part 2

During last week’s Hangout we answered community questions and the panel shared consulting tips for finding projects, working with clients, keeping records, and a lot more. This week we continued the conversation with Daniel Bittencourt of DigiTen Studios joining us on the panel. Daniel discussed the studio’s new hit iOS game, shared insights into how they approach game design, and even showed us one of their sprite sheets in all it’s animated glory. Hear how this two person team is building on the success of their first game.

Hangout Highlights – Creating a Memory Matching Game – Session 1

Last week on Corona Geek Hangout 136, we started a new memory matching game development series. Each week we’ll be adding code to the game to show how to programmatically add display objects in a grid, randomly assign images to be displayed, match touched items, and more. Download the code each week and follow along. Here are clips from the Hangout.

Custom Shader Effects

One of Corona’s major themes for this year was graphics, and in particular, giving you more “under the hood” access to our graphics engine. Starting in daily build 2015.2560, we are giving you the ability to create custom shader effects.

Endless Runner Game Development Recap – Final Particle Effects, Composer Scenes, and Game Audio

Last week on Corona Geek Hangout 135, we finished our endless runner game series by combining an emitter object with the CBEffects library to get the custom particle effects we wanted. We also dropped in splash, play, and restart scenes to the game using Corona’s Composer library and added audio for button push sounds and player collisions with walls. Here’s a summary of Hangout clips. Download the full source code to see the finished project.