Corona Geek #139 – Creating Grid Patterns in a Memory Matching Game

During last week’s Hangout we hung out with Daniel Bittencourt and Davi from DigiTen to discuss their approach to game design. This week we returned to the memory matching game development series we started in Hangout #136. Since we’ve already covered creating game cards and card flipping in the previous Hangout, we organized game pieces into a grid pattern this time.

Hangout Highlights – Endless Runner Mods and Consulting Tips

Last week on Corona Geek Hangout 137, we put our game development series on hold to answer community questions and share consulting tips for app developers. Ed Maurina walked us through how to add additional pick ups to our previous endless runner game and the Hangout panel shared lots of app developer consulting tips for finding projects, working with clients, billing for time, and a lot more.

Corona Geek #138 – Hanging with DigiTen Studios and App Development Consulting Tips – Part 2

During last week’s Hangout we answered community questions and the panel shared consulting tips for finding projects, working with clients, keeping records, and a lot more. This week we continued the conversation with Daniel Bittencourt of DigiTen Studios joining us on the panel. Daniel discussed the studio’s new hit iOS game, shared insights into how they approach game design, and even showed us one of their sprite sheets in all it’s animated glory. Hear how this two person team is building on the success of their first game.