Category: Mobile App of the Week

App of the Week: Envelope HD

This week, we challenge you to kick your visual-spatial skills into gear with Envelope HD. Developed by Goodapps, Envelope features a clever game concept, beautiful graphics, and stimulating gameplay that will captivate players of all ages.


App of the Week: Minu

This weekend, I set out to bake the perfect banana bread. I put Minu to the test, a beautifully crafted timer that ensured my bread was baked just right. Simple in design and gorgeous in construction, users have embraced Minu as it’s climbed the Top 10 chart of utility apps.


App of the Week: Aliens Abducted

While Prince Harry romped through Vegas, I spent the week sharpening my geography skills with the Corona-made game, Aliens Abducted. I learned 150 countries and flags in the process, and can now rock Wednesday night trivia with my newly gained knowledge.