App of the Week: Go Ninja

There’s a growing trend of ninja protagonists in recent apps and Hiptic Games jumped on the bandwagon with Friday’s release of their first mobile title – ‘Go Ninja.’ As far as ninja action games go, this one takes the cake. As the ninja, you seek to avenge a city overrun by demon samurai, with an army […]

App of the Week: Ivick Von Salza – Gathering Pieces

Graphically unique and super fun to play, this week’s recognition goes to Ivick Von Salza – Gathering Pieces, based on an international children’s cartoon called Ivick Von Salza – The Little Lumberjack. When a little boy named Ivick and his portly pet pig, Malta, accidentally destroy the lumberjack’s wood-hacking machine, they’re instructed to collect all […]

App of the Week: Word Winder

If you’re a fan of the Sunday crossword or the classic Scrabble, you’ll love the newly released Word Winder game for NOOK. Word Winder is the brainchild of David Hoyt, the man behind a number of popular games including Daily Jumble and Word Roundup. The app was launched in conjunction with a physical Word Winder […]