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App of the Week: Brain Lab ll

The average IQ in the U.S. hovers at around 100 – find out yours and boost your score with the Corona App of the Week, Brain Lab II! Developed by madhead studio, Brain Lab II gives both hemispheres a workout with fun puzzles and challenging exercises.


App of the Week: MindFeud

MindFeud is the work of the Norway-based Monkeybin studio. The game soared to the top of the App Store charts, reaching the #1 spot in Spain and Brazil!

Read more about this engrossing Scrabble-like game.


App of the Week: Go Ninja

There’s a growing trend of ninja protagonists in recent apps and Hiptic Games jumped on the bandwagon with Friday’s release of their first mobile title – ‘Go Ninja.’ As far as ninja action games go, this one takes the cake. As …