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Guest Post: Miranda Brothers’ Victory at Betable Hackathon

Competing against over 60 developers, Cesar and Edgar Miranda were awarded first place at Betable’s hackathon in July. Their carnival style-game, Real-Money Gambling, was developed with Corona SDK in the weekend-long event. The brothers attribute their success to Betable’s Real-Money Gambling API ease of use, and Corona SDK’s rapid development capabilities.


Corona: WebViews on Android!

Time for another Monday update!

Last week, I talked about all the difficulties around Mountain Lion, the code name for Mac OS 10.8. Thanks to all your reports out in the wild, we’ve ironed out the a bunch of problems. The latest daily builds (868 and after) are now solidly working on 10.8.

In the midst of all this Mountain Lion stuff, we’ve also begun the feature cycle.


State of Corona

Yesterday was about making our nickname official and about our new web site.

Now it’s time to talk shop. What’s going on in Corona-land?

Read on for info on the next public release, our new docs, and monetization and extensibility in Corona.


FAQ Wednesday #7

It’s Wednesday and time for another FAQ session. Here are five frequently asked questions (FAQ). Question 1 Why is text spacing/positioning slightly different between the simulator and device? Answer The fonts are not the same between devices and simulator. The …


Corona Roadmap

UPDATE: Roadmap list is now updated on our main Roadmap page One of my favorite quotes is from President Dwight D. Eisenhower: “Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” In other words, the process of planning is important, but you also have …