Developers, Developers, Developers

Okay, no Steve Ballmer imitation videos yet… but I was stupefied by last week’s Wall Street Journal article claiming the mobile talent pool is shallow: The intense competition for mobile engineers, which affects large companies and fast-growing start-ups alike, is emerging as a key bottleneck as companies scramble to capitalize on the fast growth of […]

Crawl Space Games on Indie Game Podcast

This week, the folks at Indie Game Pod have designated it to be Corona Week for their podcast. Today, they posted a 45-minute chat with Brock Henderson of Crawl Space Games, whom you may recognize as the creators of best-selling games Zombies Ala Mode and Float. Cool stuff! You can subscribe to Indie Game Pod […]

Bug fix info now by @CoronaSDK on Twitter

Ever since we announced daily builds for Corona SDK last month, lots of users have been anxious to check in on us daily as well. So now, subscribers can follow and tweet us at @CoronaSDK specifically to get up-to-the-minute info on bug fix and daily build statuses. We’ve had the Twitter page going for a little while […]

Corona-made 'Float' tops 500,000 downloads

A couple weeks ago, we chose Float as our App of the Week.  Now, creators Crawl Space Games are ecstatically reporting that the game has just topped 500,000 downloads in the App Store. Wanna be download number 500,001?  Head on over to the App Store and get yourself a copy! Also worth noting (or noteworthy!), three new […]

You (our users) make Corona 'Noteworthy,' not us!

We don’t have any shortage of comments and testimonials from you guys singing the praises of Corona SDK.  But you know what?  It should be you that’s getting the praise!  Without high-quality apps to illustrate Corona’s capabilities, we would be nowhere. Of course, we seem to have no shortage of highly skilled developers on our […]