More Android Daily Build Highlights

If you’ve seen the Daily Build release notes lately, you’ll notice that more and more Android features and fixes have been coming through at an alarming rate! Today I’m going to highlight some of the more prominent features and fixes that have been recently pushed-in, but I highly encourage you to go check out the […]

Add Bitmap Masks to Text Objects

In case you missed it way back in Daily Build 502, you can now add bitmap masks to text objects! Previously, when you tried to add a bitmap mask to text objects, you’d get unexpected behavior—most often in the form of your text always showing up as black. Now, you can add masks to text […]

New Windows Simulator Features

As of Daily Build 521, the Windows Simulator has been fitted with an iPhone, iPhone4, and iPad skins (as well as a statusbar) to improve the overall desktop “simulation” of your mobile apps. Remember, only subscribers can take advantage of the latest and greatest being pushed through the Corona SDK Daily Builds… So what are […]