Thoughts on Apple and Adobe

Update: Fake Steve agrees with me that it was a bad romance. It dawned on me recently that the best way to understand the very public and continuing spat between Apple and Adobe is to think in terms of a marriage gone bad, one that’s been heading south for quite some time. In Good Times […]

Experience Matters: Flash, iPhone, and Beyond

A lot of speculation, opinion, passion and even war mongering surrounds Flash’s conspicuous absence from the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and now the iPad. So much in fact that Adobe’s CTO felt compelled to defend Flash and discredit HTML5 video warning that “users and content creators would be thrown back to the dark ages of video on the Web with […]

Flash CS5 public beta cancelled

From the Adobe Flash Platform Blog, earlier today: There will not be a beta for Flash Professional CS5 Adobe is no longer planning to release a public beta of Adobe Flash Professional CS5. This is a change from the plan that we announced in October at Adobe MAX 2009…. We understand that some people will be […]

“Are you guys at war with Adobe?”

A question I often hear, especially since Adobe announced the Flash CS5 cross-compiler for iPhone and we put a cheeky comparison chart on our site, is “are you guys at war with Adobe?” I can see where this comes from, but it’s funny in two ways. First of all, Ansca is heavily ex-Adobe — even […]