Friday Night Forum: Apple Restricts Cross-Promotion with Clause 2.25

Earlier this week, there was a bit of commotion over a new rule in Apple’s App Store Review, was the first to break the story, finding that clause 2.25 stated, “apps that display apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to the App Store will be rejected.”

Friday Night Forum: Adoption Rates for iOS 6 on the Rise

Within just a week of release, iOS 6 adoption rates are soaring. A combined total of 44.5% of iPads and iPhones have been upgraded, despite the disappointing reception of Apple’s home-brewed Map app. The ability to download iOS 6 wirelessly is one likely reason for the impressive rate of early adoption.

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Friday Night Forum: Samsung’s “The Next Big Thing” Campaign

As the iPhone 5 hit Apple stores around the country, Samsung rolled out a new marketing campaign, claiming “The Next Big Thing” is already here – the Galaxy S3. Poking fun at Apple fanboys, the ad features iPhone enthusiasts chatting about the device’s new features, including a bigger screen and LTE connectivity. Meanwhile, Galaxy S3 users stroll by, showing off their (bigger) screens, watching videos while sending emails, and sharing playlists (take that Apple!)

Friday Night Forum: The iPhone 5 Wish List

At midnight, millions of eager fans (including Corona Labs!) visited Apple’s online store, for a chance to pre-order the iPhone 5. The pre-orders sold out within an hour, 20 times faster than past models. With a projected 6-10 million device sales in September alone, the iPhone love affair is far from over – but did the new device meet expectations?