FAQs: Point and Click Adventure Game Development (Guest Post)

Graham Ransom and Simon Pearce are the dynamic duo behind Glitch Games,and the developers of Forever Lost: Episode 1 HD, a new point-and-click adventure game for the iPad/iPhone. Graham asked his Twitter followers for questions on developing adventure games, and he shares answers to a handful of the most popular inquires here.

Creating the First and Largest Educational Platform in Sweden (Guest Post)

Andreas Kviby is the CEO of 10FINGERS, a company that has developed the largest educational software platform in Sweden. The project consists of more than 1000 games connected to a learning platform with server software, that gathers information from students. In 2012 alone, 10FINGERS has created more than 200 educational games and plans to ramp up development efforts next year.

Vodafone’s #AppAid Hackathon: Coding For a Cause (Guest Post)

Corona developer, Steven Cooper, participated in Vodafone’s App Aid, a 48-hour hackathon centered around building apps for a common good. Steven and his star team used Corona SDK to develop a mobile solution for the Leukaemia Foundation, aimed at supporting cancer patients through their journey by capturing medical information, tracking upcoming appointments and providing information on treatment side effects.

Ishinomaki 2.0 – Interview with Naoya Yamamoto, Corona Ambassador

In summer 2012, Hack4Japan organized a bootcamp for young developers in Ishinomaki, Japan. The group sought to revive Ishinomaki, a town devastated by the 2011 earthquake in Japan, through technology and education. We interviewed Software Engineer and Corona SDK Ambassador, Naoya Yamamoto, about his experience developing the hackathon and teaching high school students mobile development.

Guest Post: Developing eBooks with Kwik 2

Greg Pugh is the owner of GP Animations, the company behind the Colin Turtle book series. His books, “The Perfect Pillow” and “Floating Fun” have sold thousands of copies worldwide for the iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire. Recently, Greg was an alpha tester for Kwik 2, a Photoshop plugin that allows designers and illustrators to bring stories to life without a single line of code.

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