Guest Post: How Flash runs on Corona SDK

After the fallout to Carlos’ post about Flash a couple weeks ago, we followed it up with a guest post attesting to Flash’s mobile shortcomings. But now, indie developer Elliot Pace  has shown us that Corona and your preexisting Flash skills can be used together to create awesome mobile games. No need to choose one or […]

Guest Post: We put the brakes on Flash

Alright, alright — so  Carlos’ post about Flash last week seems to have ruffled a few feathers (as was his intention! :-P). So, now allow me to point you to Exhibit B. Gianluca Pinoci is a former Flash fanatic. A few months ago, his agency BOOM Interactive was commissioned by British auto brake maestros Ferodo to […]

Guest Post: कोरोना खुशी है! (Corona is a joy!)

Across the pond (actually, a couple ponds!) in India, the team at TinyTapps have used Corona to kickstart their own studio specializing in educational and children’s apps. Actually, they might not be just for children — personally, their Hindi-teaching app really makes me wanna take another shot at learning the language… Again. Now, head Tapper […]

Guest Post: Corona SDK “fulfills a dream”

During the early days of Ansca Mobile, our slogan was “Dream. Build. Ship.” to describe the ease of use that Corona SDK offered in making mobile apps. Since then, we’ve evolved and have moved past mere slogans. But after seeing Kiki’s Koi-Koi (a pass-and-play card game) creator Chris Yudichak‘s guest post below, we’re now wondering […]

Guest Post: Corona SDK works ‘Magic’

Portugal-based Manuel and Ricardo may call their two-man studio Clueless Ideas, but something tells me these guys have a very good idea of how to make a quality game. Their first mobile endeavor — Magic Defenders — is our latest App of the Week. Read about their search for “the best SDK” below, and also keep […]

Guest Post: Corona SDK makes yummy game for the Dannon yogurt company

Spain-based Karibu Games recently were tasked with developing a fun, branded children’s game for yogurt snack giant Dannon. Faced with a tight turnaround time and high expectations, Team Karibu turned to Corona SDK to knock their game out in two weeks’ time. Naturally, they succeeded in making a great-looking game that Dannon was quite pleased […]

Guest Post: Corona SDK = A family vacation?

A few weeks ago, Gibibyte Games released their first mobile game, Color Confusion, after building it with Corona SDK.  The game currently is available on the Android Market (free version too!), Amazon Appstore, and most recently was chosen by Barnes & Noble for their NOOK Color tablet. Not bad for a first try! 😀 The Gibibyte […]