Guest Post: Burning the midnight oil with Corona SDK

Niels Vanspauwen is one of three co-founders of the mobile game studio Kidimedia, whose self-titled children’s app is fast becoming popular in the App Store. Below, Niels describes how the full-time duties of being dads made the Kidimedia team desire a quick and efficient means of developing apps without sacrificing an ounce of performance or […]

Guest Post: Corona birthday party-crashers

We had some unexpected but very welcome guests last weekend at our Corona SDK birthday party. Los Gatos locals Chris Bryant and Jeanne Yee crashed our party and partook in a round of Bocce Ball with us to celebrate Corona’s third birthday and the launch of their new app Guitar School on iPhone and Android. […]

Guest Post: A crucial non-gaming Corona SDK app

Community Sidekick (our latest App of the Week) is different from most apps that we’ve seen in that it’s not a fun, addictive game or an entertaining novelty app. Rather, it’s a potentially life-saving app (in case you’re keeping count: that’s the fourth time we’ve said that this week) designed to allow people with special […]