Guest Post: Making Progress as a Solo Mobile Game Developer

Making games can be a lot fun, but it can also be a tremendous amount of work. Many people try to create games on their own but far fewer actually succeed — myself included.

With Kung-Fu Clash, I decided to try things differently than on previous projects. This post discusses some of the approaches that helped me to successfully publish my first game.

Guest Post: Tips from a first-time developer

Andrew Kallem is the developer of What the Block?!, a February App of the Week winner. Based on his experience building What the Block?! with Corona SDK, he shares tips on creating a concept and prototyping, development, designing for multiple screen sizes and the importance of testing, for budding developers.

An Overview of SpriteHelper, LevelHelper and CodeHelper (Guest Post)

Bogdan Vladu is the owner of Game Dev Helper, a studio that creates popular third-party tools including SpriteHelper, LevelHelper and CodeHelper (previously known as CoronaComplete). After working as a train traffic control software engineer, Bogdan made the leap to mobile game development three years ago, and has since created a range of helpful tools for Corona developers.

Learn more about the tools in Bogdan’s guest post!

3 Tips for Building a Mobile Apps Brand (Guest Post)

There are thousands of app developers out there. If you can’t distinguish yourself from the others then you will likely find yourself buried in the competition. Many indie developers fail to realize the importance in building a brand to grow the exposure of all of their apps. With this in mind, I’d like to share three tips that helped Learning Gems build our brand.

Using Email Attachments (iOS)

Would you like to open an email attachment with your own custom extension directly in your iOS app? Today’s guest tutorial walks you through the essential steps, including the necessary additions to “build.settings” and the functions required to load an email attachment into your app’s local directory. Read further to learn how!

Guest Post: The Magic of Multilayered Physics

To celebrate the second issue of 10Finger’s CoronaPaper, Linda Ettehag writes on a brand-new physics discovery that will “wow” Corona developers.

10Fingers is offering CoronaPaper for free from January 31 – February 4, 2013! Don’t miss your chance to experience the latest and greatest Corona tutorials, app reviews, news on APIs, and more.

Tutorial: Basic Shape-Matching App

Educational and children’s apps continue to grow in popularity, as do casual puzzle games on various devices, especially with the new wave of family-oriented tablets. Today’s tutorial walks you through a basic multitouch shape-matching app and it includes the complete project code which you can implement into your own project.

Tutorial: Implementing Pinch-Zoom-Rotate

Many apps have a huge feature set but still function primarily with a single point of input: buttons, touch-drags, individual swipe actions, etc. However, even the most basic interface can benefit from the multitouch capabilities of modern devices; for example, zoom in and out on a background, scale/rotate objects and layers, etc. Today’s tutorial walks you through a full “pinch-zoom-rotate” methodology and includes a working module that you can incorporate into your own app.

Guest post: How we hacked together Snapchat for video in a day

As the co-founder of Lamplighter Games, Andy Minkstein writes on developing this week’s App of the Week winner, Vidburn. When first released, Vidburn was pegged the ‘Snapchat of video’ however the same day of Vidburn’s launch, Snapshat added video functionality to their own app. Check out Andy’s tips for building a video-based app in record time, and his experience working with Corona Enterprise.