App Store Approvals Suddenly Much Faster?

As iPhone developers know, Apple shut down iTunes Connect and their App Store approval pipeline for a few days over Christmas. When it came back, everything looked about the same — except for increasing anecdotal evidence that approval times have gotten a lot shorter. The classic pattern used to be that nothing got through in […]

Flash CS5 public beta cancelled

From the Adobe Flash Platform Blog, earlier today: There will not be a beta for Flash Professional CS5 Adobe is no longer planning to release a public beta of Adobe Flash Professional CS5. This is a change from the plan that we announced in October at Adobe MAX 2009…. We understand that some people will be […]

Million Dollar Baby: Making a lucrative app

Colorado-based startup Occipital hit quite the milestone this week: their iPhone app RedLaser topped $1 million in revenue. Co-founder Jeff Powers told TechCrunch yesterday that RedLaser got immensely popular (it has been in the App Store’s top 5 paid apps for the past 3 months) without any heavyweight PR/marketing campaign, but rather through pure word-of-mouth. […]

Google Phone!

Google has the hype machine running on overdrive! On the same day that blogs (e.g. here) are posting about the rumored Google phone, The New York Times posts an article confirming its existence: “Google plans to begin selling its own smartphone early next year, company employees say, a move that could challenge Apple’s leadership in […]

Droid: a mini-review

(1) The difference between Apple and Motorola is that Apple will trade antenna design or call quality for slightly cooler case design; meanwhile, the Droid is built like a tank, does phone calls really well, and looks like it belongs in a belt holster. Also, the default email alert tone is “Droooiiiidddddd!!” Either you find […]

Hello, Droid

One of the best things about working in mobile is that you have an ironclad excuse for checking out new gadgets. Of course I carry an iPhone everywhere I go, loaded with eight pages of apps, TV shows, and ebooks, but I’ve never really used it as a telephone. I don’t even know what its […]

“Are you guys at war with Adobe?”

A question I often hear, especially since Adobe announced the Flash CS5 cross-compiler for iPhone and we put a cheeky comparison chart on our site, is “are you guys at war with Adobe?” I can see where this comes from, but it’s funny in two ways. First of all, Ansca is heavily ex-Adobe — even […]