New for iPhone: Karma Jar by Dan Greaney

Karma Jar, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, lets you drop pebbles into a jar: white pebbles for “good” thoughts, black pebbles for “bad” thoughts. Intended to increase mindfulness. Over time, it is hoped that the proportion of white stones may increase. Eventually, one might even realize enlightenment and no longer drop any stones at […]

New for iPad: Astral Arcade by Werd Interactive Inc

Astral Arcade, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, is an exciting new multiplayer experience inspired by arcade pinball. As your mind becomes entranced by an onslaught of colors and music, make sure to keep your reflexes sharp because the flashing lights are not just for show. Astral Arcade’s reflex driven turn-based gameplay will keep […]

New for iPad: EJRAAK HD by Kigra Software

EJRAAK HD, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, is your one-stop shop for entertaining your kids! If your kids are anything like mine, “Daddy I wanna play games on your phone” is a frequent request. Start EJRAAK and let them take a spin. They’ll be able to choose from six different activities without leaving […]

New for iPad: iFishies by 3Bridges, LLC

iFishies, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, let’s you play with a school of fish! Or just relax and watch them wander about as you listen to the soothing sound of ocean bubbles. Tap once and the fish come to play. Tap twice and they run away. Trace your finger along the screen; the […]

New for iPad: CoreDamageHD by Comrade Software

CoreDamageHD, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, has trouble in the reactor! In this addictive brick-breaking game with a tilt-controlled twist, nuclear waste is building up dangerously around the core, and only you can clear it out and prevent disaster. Battle atomic meltdown through 30 fast-paced levels of increasing difficulty Featuring “multi-ball” levels and […]

New for iPad: Sudoku SuperDoKu by 3Bridges, LLC

Sudoku SuperDoK, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, will forever change the way you experience the challenge of Sudoku. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, there’s a puzzle for you: • Seasoned players can play the standard puzzle in easy, medium, and hard flavors. • Beginners and children can play our mini-Sudoku (2×2, […]


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