(Part 4) Automated Testing on the iOS Simulator: Scripting Bridge/LuaCocoa & System Events

We allow Corona developers to also build for the Xcode iOS Simulator. Sometimes the simulator is preferable to our Mac or Windows simulator because the Xcode Simulator behaves more like a real device. Since we officially support the Xcode Simulator, we run our automated tests on the Xcode iOS Simulator to help verify our stuff […]

(Part 3) Automated Testing on Mobile Devices with Lua: TestMore & LuaSocket

As stated in Part 1, we use lua-TestMore for our testing and reporting. The output format is called TAP (Test Anything Protocol) . It is human readable and simple. TestMore and TAP are widely used enough that there are tools available to help you use it.

Sample code: ‘Angry Birds’ Catapult

You might have already gotten an idea of how to do it via our open source game Ghosts vs. Monsters, but now we’ve added a piece of mobile sample code solely for building an Angry Birds catapult in Corona… Thanks to the team at Fixdit for adding this to our Code Exchange! And if you […]

Sample code: Air Hockey

Check this out! It’s a two-player iPad air hockey sample code that some of you might have missed in our Corona Code Exchange… …Also, we now will be posting all of our new sample code on GitHub, so be sure to follow us (or “watch” us, or whatever the proper terminology is) over at GitHub.com/Ansca.

More Flash treats…

Yesterday, introduced our new sub-forum for Flash developers. Now, we’ve put together an index of side-by-side code comparisons demonstrating just how easy it is for Flash devs to cross over to Corona SDK! Case in point:

Behold… The ‘Samurai Fruit’ sample code!

Less than two weeks ago, we told you about our Code Exchange where we post the latest, and most coolest Corona sample code known to mankind. Now, we make another addition to the esteemed halls of the Code Exchange. Behold: The almighty Samurai Fruit! Check out this and a bunch more sample code here — ya […]