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Tutorial: Corona Particle Tools and Data Formats

Since the “newEmitter()” display object was introduced in Corona Daily Build #2214, the Corona Labs staff and community members have illustrated various methods for the loading/usage of emitter definition files. However, some users are still unsure about how to create and edit emitters. In this tutorial, we’ll briefly examine emitter authoring tools, the Starling format, and emitter loaders.


Widgets — Creating a sliding panel

Today’s tutorial demonstrates how to create a sliding panel that has many uses, ranging from games to business applications. Using just one core function, you can easily implement a wide variety of panels that appear from different sides of the screen and utilize unique easing transitions.


Tutorial: Advanced Random Numbers

Most of us have dealt with generating random numbers at some point in our app development. In this tutorial, we’ll look at the core syntax for generating random numbers, along with a “dice rolling” mechanism for more advanced use cases. Read further to learn more.