Tutorial: Radial Gravity and Predicting Trajectory

Today’s tutorial features two more physics methods. In specific, we’ll discuss “radial gravity” and how to visually predict the launch trajectory of an object. Better yet, both methods are available as downloadable projects so you can explore the full implementation at the code level. Read on to learn more!

Tutorial: Cleaning Up Display Objects and Listeners

A common question in the forums and elsewhere is how to thoroughly clean up scenes when using a scene manager like Storyboard or Director. This week’s tutorial discusses some common misconceptions and “tips and tactics” that you can use to properly manage memory in your app.

Tutorial: “Android-izing” a Mobile App

For some multi-platform developers, building for Android is planned from the beginning but it’s not fully implemented until after the launch of the iOS version. However, there are several things that should be done while building a cross-platform app to make sure that Android’s unique functionality is handled in advance of submission to the marketplace.