Tutorial: Lua string magic

Today’s tutorial features Lua string manipulation and parsing techniques which can be useful in several applications, especially business or database-powered apps where you need to check and confirm that text is formatted properly. Read further to learn about these string-related helper functions.

Tutorial: Radial Gravity and Predicting Trajectory

Today’s tutorial features two more physics methods. In specific, we’ll discuss “radial gravity” and how to visually predict the launch trajectory of an object. Better yet, both methods are available as downloadable projects so you can explore the full implementation at the code level. Read on to learn more!

Tutorial: “Android-izing” a Mobile App

For some multi-platform developers, building for Android is planned from the beginning but it’s not fully implemented until after the launch of the iOS version. However, there are several things that should be done while building a cross-platform app to make sure that Android’s unique functionality is handled in advance of submission to the marketplace.

Tutorial: Allowing Jump, Sticky Projectiles, Wind Tunnels

Today’s tutorial introduces a few new physics methods for your bag of tricks. We’ll solve the “Can I jump?” issue for 2D side-view games, and also discuss how to handle “sticky projectiles” and basic “wind tunnel” behavior. Three sample projects are available for download in order to study each case.

Using Email Attachments (iOS)

Would you like to open an email attachment with your own custom extension directly in your iOS app? Today’s guest tutorial walks you through the essential steps, including the necessary additions to “build.settings” and the functions required to load an email attachment into your app’s local directory. Read further to learn how!