Tutorial: Anonymous Functions and Closures

This week’s tutorial discusses the basics behind anonymous functions and closures in Lua. These methods provide a powerful way to keep track of variable instances on a per-function basis and, in the context of Corona SDK, pass parameters to functions in which you don’t control the passed-in content. Read further to discover how.

Tutorial: Methods for Positioning Text

At the basic level, creating and positioning text in Corona SDK is simple. However, when you need to position/align text in creative ways, things get a bit more complicated. In this tutorial, we’ll inspect the actual display object that Corona generates so that you can understand and achieve advanced positioning and alignment.

Tutorial: Continuous Actions in Corona

In some apps, you’ll need to perform some continuous action while the user’s touch remains on the screen. This could include a character running while the player holds down a “run” button, a space ship firing its lasers while the player’s finger is down, or some action being performed while the player holds the “X” button on a game controller. Today’s tutorial provides a foundation for this task.

Tutorial: Moving Objects Along a Path

There are many ways to move objects in Corona SDK. If you want to move an object from point A to point B, the simplest approach is to use a transition. But what if you need to move it along a path with multiple segments, like moving a knight on a chess board in its unique “L” pattern? This tutorial outlines how to achieve sequential movement via a series of queued transitions.