Inspiration: 90 Minutes with a Giant

It is not everyday that you get to meet one of the giants in the computer industry.  Specifically, the one person who was part of the most magnificent “Insanely Great”team that built the original Macintosh. How insane is that? Bill Atkinson. Creator of MacPaint, QuickDraw, and HyperCard — the precursor of today’s hyperlinks in this crazy […]

HD Interactive talk Arts & Sciences with Corona

Trae Regan and Todd Williams of HD Interactive are no strangers to high-level development. The Florida-based, Adobe-certified studio has developed interactive creations for clients like the STAR Recruiting Service, Martha Stewart, and the Daytona Beach Museum of Arts & Sciences (MOAS). For the latter, HDI used Corona to create an iPhone app that lets users […]

Publish Comics on Mobile with Corona Comics

Have a comic book? Want to publish it on a mobile device like the big players: Marvel, DC, and Vertigo? There was not an easy way for the small independent artists to publish on mobile devices, until now. Corona Comics is a venture of Ansca Mobile that allows emerging comic book artists/writers to publish their […]

Palm and HP: the next Apple?

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” — Mark Twain Image source: Engadget $1.2 billion dollars! In physical terms, if you had that number of one dollar bills and laid them end-to-end, you’d circumnavigate the earth over 4.5 times. So seems like a lot of money, right? Not if you talk to our […]

iPhone GUI assets

One of the easiest ways to create great looking UI’s in your apps is to use the same Photoshop and Illustrator assets that interactive design houses use to mock up an iPhone app:

Facebook Connect and Web Popups in Corona

Today, we added a new sample code demonstrating how to use Facebook Connect in your Corona app. Included in that sample is a “facebook.lua” library that makes it so easy to access the Facebook API that even the UI for logging in is taken care of for you. The great thing about the facebook.lua library […]

This is why they have more money than I do

This is an awesome quote from our VCs: We think Ansca’s solutions will become the standard way of writing apps for the iPhone and, eventually, other smartphones. Yes! Of course, I also think this, but I tend to be too chicken to say it. In my defense, I was painstakingly academically trained to emit only meekly qualified […]