Friday Night Forum: What are you looking for?

In anticipation of our heavily hinted launch this coming Tuesday, we wanna gauge where you (our users) currently stand in your app-making endeavors. Generally speaking, we’ve noticed three trends: Some of you are still fine-tuning your coding skills. Others are looking for ways to market your apps and boost your download numbers. (“app discovery” is […]

Welcome to our interns!

As Carlos mentioned yesterday, we added a new staff member to our growing team, and today, it gives me pleasure to announce two additions that will help us over the summer via our internship program. Please welcome Scott Takahashi and Abie Katz!

Carlos orates the unabridged history of Corona SDK

For some fine Sunday listening, check out this podcast from the Aussie-based Tech Webcast. This past Friday, they had our very own Carlos on to talk about the mobile space and app development using Corona SDK. Carlos took listeners on a rare, in-depth trip through Corona’s history, detailing the career changes and industry shifts which ultimately […]

Interview: Team Choco’s sweet inspiration

Alejandro Jimenez is 0.33% of the Spanish-based “ChocoTeam,” whose ChocoRun game is our current App of the Week. We talked to Alejandro via e-mail and asked him about the process of making his game — but forgot to ask how we can get our hands on one of those stuffed Choco toys. DANG!!! Also worth […]

Marketing your apps on a shoe-string budget

We all know that mobile apps tend to go nowhere unless you put in a little marketing muscle behind them… But we also all know that marketing muscle traditionally means lots of money, which a lot of indie developers and small game studios don’t have. Nevertheless, the guys at Crawl Space Games have it allllll figured […]