The ‘Night & Day’ changes involved in developing kids apps for Android

As one of the pioneers of creating kids-oriented applications for the iPhone and iOS devices, it was only recently that Night & Day Studios turned its attention to Android. Night & Day’s top-selling Peekaboo Barn application — which remains in the top 15 in the iTunes App Store education category nearly three years after its introduction — is now available to Android users for a $2.99 download….

Friday Night Forum: So… Who’s next?

This past week saw a lot of crazy changes in the mobile development arena. From “Googorola” to WebOS, we were reminded just how on-the-ball one must be to stay alive in this space. New developments are always happening, and new mobile platforms are always emerging and fading. So, in the spirit of tapping into the […]

7-Year-Old Developer’s iPhone App ‘Toaster Pop’ to Shake Angry Birds’ Roost

However, this is not the first time that a youngster has capitalized on the iPhone app success. In January a 14-year old developer, Robert Nay, came into prominence when his app Bubble Ball became the most downloaded game, toppling Angry Birds from the top free apps list on the Apple App Store. Bubble Ball was downloaded more than 3 million times. The 8th grader Robert Nay built the app with his mother Kari Nay using Corona SDK….

84-year-old Becomes Oldest App Inventor with the Word Game Dabble

George Weiss is 84, and he just may be the eldest mobile application inventor in America. His app is called Dabble – The Fast Thinking Word Game, and it is now available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The object of the $0.99 game is to spell five words as quickly as possible suing the 20 letters stacked in a pyramid shape. The five words must include a two, three, four, five and six letter word. The premise is simple and addictive….

Ansca Mobile Releases LaunchPad: New Marketing & Analytics Services for App Developers

Ansca Mobile, in partnership with InMobi and PapayaMobile, has today announced LaunchPad, a suite of marketing and analytics services targeted towards mobile application developers using Ansca Mobile’s Corona SDK. The services will allow developers to better market their apps, increase distribution, improve monetization and better understand their audience, the companies say….

Friday Night Forum: What are you looking for?

In anticipation of our heavily hinted launch this coming Tuesday, we wanna gauge where you (our users) currently stand in your app-making endeavors. Generally speaking, we’ve noticed three trends: Some of you are still fine-tuning your coding skills. Others are looking for ways to market your apps and boost your download numbers. (“app discovery” is […]