Chicktionary Coop Hatches with Corona SDK

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Chicktionary Coop is the second generation of the egg-citing word game, recently featured in TIME Magazine, MSNBC, Mashable and Tecca as a top educational mobile app for kids. Developed by Blockdot, a nationally recognized agency based in Dallas, Texas, the Chicktionary games enjoy over 65 million game plays and are a word game staple for parents, teachers, kids and senior citizens.

After developing the official app for Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Movie with Corona SDK, Blockdot turned to the platform to create Chicktionary Coop.

Can you give us some background on Blockdot and the type of work you do?

Blockdot creates innovative apps and fun games that connect brands with their customers. Started by Dan Ferguson, Jason McMinn and Mike Bielinski in 2001, Blockdot is known for creating award-winning entertainment and enterprise solutions for mobile, social and online platforms.

Blockdot started out as an online gaming company and has created over 1,000 games. Now, Blockdot is definitely becoming a leader in the mobile space. We’ve created some of the most popular enterprise and kids’ apps and games on the App Store and Android Market.

What type of clients do you work for? Are you doing much mobile work for clients?

Blockdot’s clients are the ones developers dream about. We’ve worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, like Universal Pictures, LEGO, Burton, Microsoft, American Airlines, Scholastic and most recently CarMax on developing innovative mobile apps and online games that engage customers and keep them connected to the brands they love. We are currently doing a lot of exciting mobile work for our clients with several big-name apps set to launch before the end of the year. We also do a lot of our own original mobile work, like Chicktionary.

How does Corona SDK help you with client work?

Corona SDK allows us to quickly and efficiently develop for multiple platforms, which is always part of the conversation when booking mobile projects. Corona allows us to provide a seamless branded mobile experience to all of our clients’ customers, which helps set us apart from our competitors and win the next job. We can quickly and confidently deliver on budget by working within a single code base and as a result we’re able to increase our portfolio and profitability.

You’ve recently launched Chicktionary Coop, a followup to the blockbuster cross-platform Chicktionary Classic for iOS and Android. What platform did you use for the original game?

The original Chicktionary was developed in native code for iOS and Android.

Why did you choose Corona SDK to develop Chicktionary Coop?

Using Corona to develop Coop made sense for a lot of reasons. We developed Coop on a tight timeline (about 6 months), and Corona’s speed and efficiency definitely made that possible. Having a single code base also makes creating releases across multiple platforms easier to manage. Our marketing plan includes pushing Chicktionary Coop to Android, NOOK and Kindle Fire within a few weeks of launching the iOS app. Corona allows us to do this.

What was the composition of the team involved in building Chicktionary Coop?

The development team was surprisingly small, consisting of one developer, one designer, a copywriter and a producer. We also had a lot of support from the Blockdot executive team. We’re really proud of the end product and Corona had a lot to do with our ability to make our vision for the next generation of Chicktionary a reality, even with limited time and resources.

How do you feel Corona compares to other platforms that you’ve worked with in the past?

Corona offers everything we’ve mentioned above, plus it’s constantly evolving to help developers stay on the cutting edge. The cross-platform capabilities, supportive community of developers, and speed of Corona just can’t be beat.

Can you share any numbers and/or recognitions that illustrate the success of Chicktionary Classic, as well as other Blockdot apps?

Sure – we have a lot to share. The original Chicktionary game has had over 65 million gameplays. The game was also recently featured on’s Techland as a Top 25 iPad App for Kids and in MSNBCMashable and Tecca as a top mobile app for grade school students.

We also built Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Movie, Truffula Shuffula app, with Corona SDK for Universal Pictures. It’s been listed as #3 Entertainment App and #5 Overall App in the App Store. Truffula Shuffula has also been featured in the App Store’s “What’s Hot” and as an Android Market “Staff Pick.”

Do you recommend Corona to other agencies?

Definitely. Agencies like Corona because ActionScript developers can pick up Lua really easily. But what really sets Corona apart is how the company supports their developers and responds to customer feedback by constantly improving the platform. Chicktionary Coop is the fourth app we’ve built with Corona and we can’t wait to get started on the next one.
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