Electric Eggplant: Building a Popular Young Adult eBook Series with Corona

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David and Annie Fox are award-winning multimedia producers and owners of the Electric Eggplant studio. Using Corona, the duo has developed two apps: Be Confident in Who You Are and Real Friends vs. the Other Kind, based on Annie’s young adult book series, Middle School Confidential.

David shares his experience working with Corona in creating a set of popular eBooks.

David – Please tell us about the background of your studio.

Electric Eggplant was founded in 1992 by my wife Annie and I. As multimedia producers, we started the studio to support our work in games and educational software, mobile device apps, Emotional Intelligence content, emerging technologies, and children/teen books. We’re based in San Anselmo, California, just North of San Francisco and we work with an international team of exceptionally talented designers, engineers, and artists.

What type of apps does Electric Eggplant focus on?

Our first two apps are based on Annie’s Middle School Confidential book series, published by Free Spirit Publishing, Inc. Our Middle School Confidential graphic novel apps are targeted for 4th-8th graders. All of our book apps are created for the reader’s enjoyment, but also focus on social and emotional learning.

How did you first hear about Corona and what interested you in the platform?

I began coding for the iPhone in September 2010. After a few weeks of very slow progress using Objective-C, and a great loss of hair and personal pride, I stumbled upon a sample program written for Corona. I was delighted to be able to understand the code, and quickly picked it up.

How has Corona improved your workflow and business operations?

It’s likely that I would have eventually gotten the hang of Objective-C, but by choosing Corona I was able to code at a much faster pace, producing two apps for Middle School Confidential in the first year, Be Confident in Who You Are and Real Friends vs. the Other Kind.

A huge bonus of using Corona is the cross-platform capability. We were able to quickly bring the apps to the NOOK and Kindle Fire; this wouldn’t have been possible had we stayed with Objective-C.

Based on your experience building with Corona, would you recommend the platform to other developers?

Yes! We tell lots of people about Corona and as a result of our recommendation, we’ve converted a number of developers. One of our favorite aspects of Corona is the very helpful and supportive community. For this reason, we actively contribute to the Corona forums by providing the source code for our first app.

Thanks for your contribution to the Corona community! What’s your next Corona-based project?

We have an interactive book app for 4-8 year olds in the pipeline as well as a new game based on the licensed Rube Goldberg property.
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