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Created with Corona Enterprise, flaregames’ recently released Brave Smart and Ocean Tower games soared to the top of the App Store charts in Europe and around the globe.

Matthias Schindler, Technical Director of flaregames, tells us more about the studio and provides insight on why the studio chose Corona Enterprise, their experience with the platform and plans for future projects.

Tell us about flaregames, your development team, and the kind of apps you create.

We are a German mobile gaming startup from sunny Karlsruhe. We were founded by Klaas Kersting of Gameforge and are backed by Accel Partners and T-Venture. We currently have four teams of different sizes, all developing original games for smartphones and tablets.

How did you first hear about Corona?

We evaluated most of the SDKs on the market and Corona stood out as the perfect fit for our studio.

You’re using a new product: Corona Enterprise. Why did you decide to use Corona Enterprise?

Corona Enterprise supports native extensions – this is absolutely essential for our work. We need to include numerous SDKs by ad networks in order to optimize our marketing and targeting efforts.

You’ve recently developed and published two games with Corona Enterprise, BraveSmart and Ocean Tower. What can you tell us about the experience?

We like Corona’s gloriously easy and slick API. New programmers can learn the basics within a day, and prototyping is a blast. Production is also efficient.

What type of native libraries did you build into your games with Corona Enterprise?

So far, just the SDKs I mentioned above. We’ll be adding more advanced stuff in the future.

How long did it take your team to develop BraveSmart and Ocean Tower?

BraveSmart was finished in less than 2 months by 3 people – a dream project. Ocean Tower was bigger in scope and underwent some design changes during production, so it took considerably more time and manpower. Both games, however, would have taken at least double the time if we had to develop them natively for iOS and Android.

You recently launched both games. How are they doing so far?

We’ve seen good traction for both games, especially in App Stores around the world. We’ve made the Top 100 of all Apps in 10 countries and even were No. 1 in Germany for a short while.

You are also using Corona Builder. How has that helped your team?

We believe that every member of the team should always have access to the current game builds. As we have big teams working on four games simultaneously, we can’t always have the teams supply builds to all the guys regularly. Our automated build server delivers IPA/APK versions timely and dependably. This, again, was only possible with Corona Enterprise as it includes a command line build tool.

Would you recommend Corona to other game studios?

Definitely, if they are focused on creating 2D games and are looking for a fast and efficient way to publish on the major mobile platforms.

What projects does flaregames have in the works?

We’re fully supporting our released games, publishing regular updates and new content. Beyond that, we’re developing (and publishing) more games, which are still under wraps.
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