Future POS builds a mobile strategy with Corona

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Future POS is a Pennsylvania-based software company that offers powerful point of sale software solutions for the hospitality and retail industries. After evaluating several platforms on the market, Future POS chose Corona SDK for the ease of development, quick iteration, and cross-platform capabilities.

Can you tell us a bit about the business of Future POS and your customers?

Future POS, Inc. is an award-winning software company that provides advanced point-of-sale solutions for the hospitality and retail industries. Future POS is installed in restaurants around the world, including fine dining, quick serve, retail and other specialty applications. Our customers range from the local mom-and-pop restaurant to the magnificent Ritz in London.

Is this your first foray into mobile?

Our recent mobile releases are indeed our first experience into the mobile market.

What were you looking for in mobile tools? What tools did you evaluate?

We are a software shop that tends to build anything we use from scratch. When we do look at third party tools, we need something robust and reliable that we can trust. We weighed the pros and cons of going direct with Java or Objective-C, and we also looked at tools such as Appcelerator.

Why did you choose Corona SDK as your solution for mobile development?

Everything about Corona SDK seemed too good to pass on. The ability to code once and to release in the main markets we were interested in was a large deciding factor. The ability to go from zero to app via the Corona SDK was also very impressive. I personally kept expecting to hit an insurmountable brick wall that would force us to go native, but that has not happened yet, and from what I can see, won’t happen anytime soon.

How was your development experience with Corona?

Enjoyable. The SDK is simple, to the point and not overly complicated. Corona has been dependable – the perfect solution to get us caught up in a very fast-paced mobile market.

Tell us about the functionality of your POS apps, FPOS Remote Control and Stephano’s.

FPOS Remote Control allows our end users (restaurant owners) to communicate directly with our core product, Future POS, which is a point-of-sale software solution. With the app, users can configure 25 “dashboard widgets” which can be used to report important sales data directly to their smart device wherever they are in the world. They can also perform some data maintenance, such as changing item prices or sending messages to their employees via email, text message or as a message broadcasted to their software.

Stephano’s is an example of our Mobile Ordering offering. The app is skin-able to the restaurant owner’s logo and color scheme of choice, giving them their own “app on the App Store” styled to their concept. The app allows restaurant owners to offer their menu in a configurable way to their patrons. When someone orders via the app, the order is sent directly to the store’s kitchen and receipt printers, allowing direct and seamless integration into the restaurant’s work flow.

Would you recommend Corona to businesses that seek to build a mobile strategy?

Yes, I absolutely recommend Corona to anyone seriously looking to get started in the mobile markets.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Tim!

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