Gravity Maze: A Fresh Approach to Physics-Based Puzzlers

Gravity Maze
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Created with Corona SDK, Gravity Maze’s developer worked with Iddiction, a Corona partner and leading game publisher, to gain a larger audience for his game. Iddiction’s Appoday campaign earned Gravity Maze over one million downloads within several days, and propelled the game to the top of the charts. Read on to learn about Gravity Maze’s experience working with Iddiction and the results of the Appoday campaign.

Please provide some background on Gravity Maze.

Gravity Maze is an innovative puzzle game where core gameplay concentrates around gravity of the world. The game tells the story of a civilization of aliens that are trapped in a series of mazes and are trying to escape. These cute, fuzzy aliens need your help to get home. There are 45 levels across 3 worlds where each world offers something novel for the player. This is perhaps one of the most challenging games on the App Store today.

To promote Gravity Maze, you partnered with Iddiction. Can you share more on your experience?

Iddiction found that Gravity Maze met its standard of high quality for graphics, gameplay mechanics, and entertainment value and agreed to work with us. Their publishing program helped with all aspects of our game from mechanics, monetization, marketing, brand creation and app distribution.

Iddiction helped us understand some of the basic marketing concepts around apps and guided us through the process. Our first Appoday campaign launch was a great way to gain a burst of high quality traffic. To this day, even after the campaign, Iddiction is always there to help us with any questions or issues that come up. In our experience, Iddiction’s expertise, distribution platform and service set them apart.

What were the results of your feature on Appoday?

Our first campaign with Appoday was a huge success! The initial Appoday burst resulted in over one million downloads within the first 4-5 days. We were very pleased with the results and the promotion made a huge difference in getting our game and our studio name out to lots of users.

What lessons can you share with other indie developers that are thinking about employing marketing and/or promotional services?

One of the main lessons we learned was that not every game will get featured by the App Store. This forced us to really hone on creating a very high quality game experience. Our focus on quality has been the primary driving factor in designing and building all our games. The second lesson we learned was to fully cooperate and listen to advice from experts in the business, especially in regards to who to partner with.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Maciej!

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