Inspiring Luxury with Clicquot Insight

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AKF-CS is a French publisher that creates content sponsored by high-end companies including Cartier, CHANEL and Dior. The publisher turned to Corona SDK to build Clicquot Insight, a lifestyle magazine app sponsored by Veuve-Clicquot, a luxury champagne brand.

Can you please share background on AFK-CS?

AKF-CS is a French company that we founded to build our own content and create mobile apps for clients. Previously, we founded a well-known web agency and created interactive projects for international brands including Capgemini, Cartier, CHANEL, Dior, and BNP Paribas.

We have a highly skilled team of content creators, from designers to artists to programmers.

How has Corona SDK helped you with client work?

Corona SDK’s cross-platform capability is one of the biggest selling points for our clients. Our clients want to reach the entire market, from customers on iOS to those on Android.

As content creators, we wanted an SDK with a fast learning curve so we could quickly dive into the mobile market. We didn’t have the time to dedicate learning Objective-C or Java.

We also found Corona SDK as a great tool for making quick changes and iterations, perfect for when we want to try a new UI or add or remove functionality.

You recently used Corona SDK to create an app for Veuve-Clicquot, a luxury champagne brand. Can you please share an overview of the Clicquot Insight app?

Clicquot Insight is a trendy lifestyle magazine app centered around the luxury design and art world. The app is made up of three sections: the “news” section reports on exciting events and places including interviews with glamorous and creative people, the “now” section offers an exclusive guide to stylish hotels and restaurants and upscale cultural and sporting events, and the “yellow” section features a calendar of Clicquot events taking place worldwide.

The app is updated bi-monthly with new and interesting content, allowing users to enjoy high-end content at their fingertips.

What was the composition of the team involved in developing Clicquot Insight?

For Clicquot Insight, our team consists of two designers and two developers. We created the app as a content engine that we can reuse for other projects.

How has Clicquot Insight helped Veuve-Clicquot promote their brand?

The app is an avenue by which Veuve-Clicquot can promote the company’s lifestyle and reinforce the brand image of luxury. The app is promoted on the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) group, the largest luxury group in the world, featured on the Veuve-Clicquot website and marketed through a promotional video.

Would you recommend Corona to other companies?

Certainly, with the caveat that it takes time, skill and effort to build a truly good app.

Cross-platform tools, such as Corona SDK, are the future of content creation. Corona helps creators invent rich content apps, and while games are great, there are lots of opportunities to create a wide range of interesting apps. With Corona SDK, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks for chatting with us, Frédéric!

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