Madhead: Creating Chart-Toppers with Corona

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madhead is a leading mobile development studio based in Hong Kong. They have developed over 100 popular game titles for Asian, European and Latin American markets and have had fantastic success.

The studio’s blockbuster brain puzzler, Brain Lab II, was recognized as the Corona App of the Week in July 2012.

Please share some background on madhead.

Founded in 2012, madhead is one of the leading mobile application developers targeting the Asian, European and Latin American markets. We’ve developed over 100 games for the App Store and Google Play. We serve more than 150 million mobile users, and have very positive ratings across all markets. The total number of page views of our apps have even reached 4.3 billion!

We aim to grow our user base and localize our apps in over 150 countries. Our games are translated into 27 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish and French and we’re supported by a professional team of more than 200 translators. We enjoy developing innovative apps as much as users enjoy playing the apps!

Those are some very impressive stats! What types of games does your studio develop?

We mainly focus on mini and strategy games at this time. However, we plan to expand our game varieties in the near future. We’re dedicated to improving our game qualities to enhance users’ experiences.

Our recently released game, Pig Me Up, is a challenging puzzle game. Players must use their intelligence, reaction time and technique in order to complete the stages. With the cute graphics and lively music, the app provides fun and addicting gameplay.

Do you use any other tools for game development?

We use Corona to build all 2D games because it is fast, easy and convenient. For 3D games, we use Unity.

Please tell us about your experience using Corona SDK and the games you’ve created with the platform.

We have been using Corona SDK to develop games for six months now. Although it hasn’t been very long, we’ve enjoyed using Corona and already see significant success. Our most popular Corona-made games include Pig Me Up and Brain Lab II.

Brain Lab II is our first paid game and it’s been the most popular game in countries such as China, Germany, Italy, France, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. It’s a fun puzzle game that tests your smarts.

Corona is easy to learn and use. Our developers needed only a few days to adapt to the technology. Lua is a good programming language because it is much easier than Objective C, C# and JAVA. Lastly, the Corona forums provides us a useful community for developers to exchange library and resources for support.

We’re glad to hear your Corona-made games are popular worldwide. How do you feel Corona contributed to the success of these apps?

Corona’s service has helped us build games in a more convenient way. We can deploy to both iOS and Android with minimal changes to the code. Additionally, it’s easy to incorporate in-app purchases and implement social platforms such as Facebook, Game Center and OpenFeint. The platform has helped us shorten development time and allowed us to become more cost effective.

What’s your next Corona-based project?

We are going to take a step forward to develop more medium and large size games. At the same time, we plan to enhance the quality and details of current games to fit users’ expectations. Also, more social elements will be added so that users can easily share their game experience with friends.

Thank you! We wish you continued success.

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